September 23rd, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 9.23.10

Looking at the weather for this weekend, there’s a chance of thunderstorms. As we Houstonians know, if the forecast calls for rain, it’s not a question of  if, but when. I don’t know about you, but lately it seems like any time I make plans to be outside, whether it be a picnic or a softball game, it’ll be sunny until 15 minutes before the scheduled time of whatever activity. Then, abruptly, it’ll cloud over, giving me just enough hope that the rain will stay away that I make the decision to chance it. Once I arrive and step out of my truck, the skies open up and leave me doused. It’s like a bad practical joke or a sick wet t-shirt contest and I’m not laughing or cute enough to be in any beauty contest, though my man boobs can compete with the best of ‘em.

Has anyone else experienced this, or am I the only one stupid enough to hold out hope that the rain will stay away long enough to get my game in? With rain in the forecast for this week, I’ve decided to be kind enough to  highlight some indoor activities this week to keep everyone warm and dry.  Richard, on the other hand, wants to send you outside to get drenched.

See a Date, Bid a Date, Win a Date, Plant a Tree
How many times have you heard someone say “I really wish there were more old trees in Houston?” Coming from the Northeast, I know I’m guilty of such pondering. Tonight, Thursday, September 23rd, you can actually do something about helping future generations of Houstonians enjoy a luscious canopy. Be at the Gallant Knight for the RedBuds Membership Drive and Date Auction at 7PM. If the future of the foliage in Houston isn’t your biggest concern, maybe being single is. RedBuds has that covered as well. They will be auctioning off seven men and eight women for dates at such places as a Rockets game, brunch at the Four Seasons and BRC Gastropub. Don’t worry, not one of the bachelors or bachelorettes being auctioned is a slouch. Don’t take our word for it… just take our word for it.

Hard to Handle
Houston gets a good dose of straightforward Rock n’ Roll this Friday as both the Black Crowes and Tom Petty are performing. The brothers Robinson, Chris and Rich, are still at it. While they might not have the following they enjoyed back in the 90’s, they are still one of the best Rock n’ Roll bands still making music. Touring in support of their latest effort, “Croweology”, they’ll be at the Verizon Wireless Theater on Friday.  This might be your last chance to see them, because they plan to take an indefinite hiatus after this year. Tom Petty brings his weathered face and unique voice to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion for his Mojo tour. It’s hard to believe the guy has any mojo without his little blue pill, but he’s still rocking.  It might be your last chance to see Petty as well, but that’s just cause he’s getting old. The Loop Scoop vote: Black Crowes, because, you guessed it, it’s inside!

I want me some learnin’
What’s better than museums on a rainy day?  Naked twister, you say? Touche! However, for those of us who are either inflexible or modest, a nice dry museum on a rainy day is a welcome respite.  Almost on cue, The Houston Museum District will be hosting the 14th annual Museum District Day, with 17 different museums offering free general admission.  This is great for all you poor college kids.  Now you can get your learning and afford your ramen, too.  For a list of the participating museums, check out the Houston Museum District website.  Now, the only thing left to decide is what type of Museum patron you will be: The speed racer, who speed walks through the museum as if it’s a race and never pauses to read any of the commentary or enjoy the artifacts, or the Miss Daisy, who agonizingly pores over every detail and minutiae, turning an enjoyable afternoon into a snooze fest.

16th Annual Weekend of Contemporary Dance
This weekend is shaping up to be a nice one. With the events above, reasonably mild weather and the Texans takin’ it to the Blue and Gray from DULLas, you might think it’s perfectly well rounded fun. Not so fast, my friend. The weekend won’t reach its full potential until you’ve also made it to Miller Outdoor Theatre for the 16th Annual Weekend of Contemporary Dance. Think of whatever plans you’ve made so far as being bread and water on the dinner table. We can agree with science here and say that you’ll need some meat and vegetables with that meal for complete nourishment. What makes the dance competition even better, is that it’s not only old ballet dance in the form of Tchaikovsky, but also modern and tap dance, and trapeze, brought to you by numerous Texas-based choreographers. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Richard, with that variety, it’s just been bumped from flank steak and frozen peas, to a fillet with fresh asparagus.” I couldn’t agree more.

A Postcard History
The Heritage Society is in the middle of hosting Greetings From Houston: Vintage Postcard Views of the City ( and this is a must for me since I enjoy looking at historic photos of our city and seeing what it was like decades ago. Enjoy 120 postcards that the Heritage Society will have on display and learn a little about the city’s beginnings.

— The Loop Scoop


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