September 9th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 9.9.10

With Labor Day come and gone it’s time to bid adieu to summer. It’s amazing how much everything picks up during the first week of September. Gone are the picture perfect days of sipping lemonade on your front porch or napping in the sun on a hammock hung between two shade trees. Instead, we’re met with increased traffic, more stress at work and hurricanes.
I’m not liking this trade off. Would it be possible for everyone to agree that we should extend summer another 2 months? If not, the procrastinator has decided to come up with a few ideas to help you relax after a tough week. The worst part is that, we’re dealing with the same amount of stress with 20% less workweek.

All Hands on Deck
The best thing to do after a hard week of work is to go out and get a massage, or at least that’s what I’m told. I’ve got a thing about strangers putting there hands all over my body. I prefer to rub myself… er… oh never mind. If you’re cool with someone else putting their hands all over you, definitely head out to one of the many spas that offer full body rub downs and let them ease the stress away. One of the best in Houston is the Heights Massage and Day Spa. With a wide array of offerings from Deep Tissue Massage (in a room full of kleenex?) to Sports Massage (being rubbed while watching sports?) to Pregnancy Massage (a rubdown that leaves you expecting?), they’ll rub you any way you like.

Hey Booboo
Another popular way to relax that I’ve never really taken to is Yoga. As you can tell, I’m old school when it comes to rest and relaxation, preferring to drink myself black out drunk, so that I have no choice but to fall into an inebriated sleep, otherwise known as passing out. You’d be surprised at how rested you feel after the hangover wears off. If you’re more into the spiritual and rejuvenating affects that Yoga offers, seek out the nearest Yogi and follow him. Just not to the picnic basket. Check out the Yoga Institute where their classes have been designed to inspire, strengthen and empower you. That sure sounds refreshing.

Sitting by the Dock of the… Creek?
If you are like me and you prefer your relaxation to come in a long neck bottle, Cedar Creek is the place to go. Like a Hill Country Oasis nestled in the middle of Houston, it’s the perfect place to gather with friends and lazily watch a weekend afternoon fade into the inky black of night. Okay, so it probably wont get dark enough to see stars, but you can pretend, dammit! The other option is to run head first into a wall, but I wouldn’t suggest that. With a good selection of draft beers, the Creek offers seating outside (sorry, no hammocks) that overlook the small creek that runs by the bar. If you prefer to sit inside, take up residence on one of the couches and you’ll feel like you’re in your living room, only cooler and hopefully, with pants on.

Phoenicia, a Night in and a Movie
Sometimes weekends are good for staying. After all of the rain this week, it seems some week nights would have been perfect for such a thing as well. Before the will to leave your home, well, leaves you, head down to Phoenicia Foods, with this recipe and take advantage of the 5500 square feet of international ingredients and products. After this part of your mission has been accomplished, head to Red Box, Blockbuster (before they disappear because of bankruptcy), your Netflix Instant Queue, and rent a a flick called Ghost Town or something else, no offense will be taken here if you’re not a Ricky Gervais fan.

Put on Your Boots
Nothing like ending your week with a little two-stepping, beer, and friends. Two great shows this weekend at the Firehouse Saloon with Jason Boland playing Friday night and Brandon Rhyder taking the stage on Saturday. Both shows start at 9:15pm with the headline acts going on at 11:15pm. Grab a date, put on your boots, and take in some great Texas acts!

— The Loop Scoop


Laura Lee — Thursday, September 30, 2010 8:54 am

Awww! Thank you for your kind words!!! We are so proud of the talented staff that we’ve retained as part of our Heights Massage and Day Spa team. Thank you for sharing your loopscoop with others. :)

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