January 11th, 2010

The Week That Was 1.10.10

We’re a small operation, but we cover a lot of ground. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and write out an in depth experience about the places we go to every week. To compensate for that we’ll publish a sweet little ditty about the notable adventures of The Loop Scoop every Monday. Where did we go? What did we hear? What did we eat, drink and see? These are all questions that we ask each other and we’ll answer for you in our public forum. Enjoy.

This Week: They Can Never Take Our Guys’ Night, Byzantio: A Glorious Return, Irish Pub Tour: Shepherd Edition, The Loop Scoop Domination at Petrol Station, Yardhouse not The Yardbirds

Guys’ Night at Anvil (Paul)
As my friends slowly succumb to the institution that is known as “marriage,” they inevitably try to schedule “Guys’ Nights” for that taste of lost liberty. Even when these nights revolve around sitting at a table at Anvil drinking Old Fashioneds and shooting the breeze, I can see where they’re comforting for the man about to give away his privacy. Nah, it’s not all that bad… Is it? I could think of few better places for a quiet night watching a small, unique crowd, and talking in hyperboles than Anvil. Small crowds are definitely more entertaining to observe since you can spend more time dissecting the relationships present. From seeing the Eddy Grant (of Electric Avenue fame) lookalike to the couple consisting of the 5′ 6″ dude with 6′ 2″ girlfriend, our night was definitely full of people-watching.

Over the Top Simile:
“Seriously this cherry just rocked my world. It’s bourbon, nutmeg, cinnamon… It’s like Christmas just blew a load in my mouth,” from my ultimately quotable friend, referring to Anvil’s homemade maraschino cherries.

Return to Byzantio (Paul)
I used to spend every Wednesday night up at Byzantio to get some reading and writing done and to revel in some well deserved quiet time. It’s where I became the hero of the Linux group. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past six months, it’s that people love being referred to “in print” if you’re nice (consequently, they hate it if you’re an ass). Since we were publishing the “2009 Bestus Prospectus” coffee shop edition on Thursday, I thought I might do my last minute edits at one of our top choices and maybe run into some of my favorite nerds (no offense). I’m all about open source software… Rise up and fight, nerds of the world! Microsoft will fall under our combined might! Read Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig and you, too, will understand.

Eggplant. The Most Romantic Berry:
“Do you like eggplant?”
“I inherited a love from my grandfather.”
“I love how you make it sound romantic.”
“Romance’s mysteries themselves reside in that poetic purple fruit.”

Irish Pub Tour: Shepherd Edition (Paul)
With Richard and his wife in tow, we set off to hit up a couple places in town that I haven’t been in a while. In need of a good pour ofGuinness, we headed down Shepherd to McElroy’s to grab a brew in the teeth-chattering cold of Friday night. When most seemed to be staying in to avoid the seasonal weather, we were stupidly braving the cutting wind and sub-freezing temperatures. Thinking back on it, I wish I had taken Marc’s advice and gone to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients for that “yummy pot roast” he recommended. Friday nights just seem like a waste to me if you’re not hitting up the town. After days of strenuous work and wasted hours in front of a spreadsheet, the only remedy comes from a brass spout at a local haunt. After McElroy’s, we drove back home, making one quick stop for a beer at Kenneally’s, where they artfully finished their Guinness pour with a foam clover in the thick head. It’s the little things that thrill me sometimes. Clovers in foam being one of those.

Morality and Ethics on the Interwebz:
“They say that having porn on your website is the fastest way to increase traffic.”
“Are there any Houston porn stars that we can interview?”
“There’s a pornstar named ‘Houston.’ Does that help?”
“That… might… work…”

The Loop Scoop Domination at Petrol Station (Paul)
We try to get together once a month for a meeting of the minds behind The Loop Scoop. Mostly, it’s to remind each other that we’re all real people and not just a name at the bottom of a post. Such are the perils of the Internet. With the constant exaltation of Petrol Station by Aaron and myself, we decided to make the trip to the coffee shop/bar/restaurant for our monthly get-together. As a round of Rancor burgers hit our table, our discussion on the ins and outs of our new design and additional content ideas was brought to a screeching halt. Nothing like good food to disrupt the flow of “business” talk. There wasn’t a disappointed taste bud in the house once we got done with our meal. A post-lunch coffee put the entire experience over the top. Be careful though, those taste buds will hate you forever if you drink the coffee too soon. They don’t have the “caution: hot beverage” warning on the coffee mugs that look like they came straight from grandma’s kitchen.

A Lesson in Inuendo:
“Let’s just say they have the same vendor.”
“Fish vendor, even.”
“Are we ordering ‘pink salmon’ from this vendor?”

Yardhouse: Beers, Bros, and BBQ Cookoff Plans (Marc)
Met up with some of my buddies to catch up after the holidays and start planning the new year at the Yardhouse in CityCentre. Over beers and appetizers, we discussed what we did for the holidays and started making plans for the upcoming barbecue cookoffs. It didn’t hurt that we could also watch the Ravens play the Patriots. The Yardhouse is an upscale beer joint that’s nice enough to take a date. It wouldn’t be my first choice to grab beer, but it offered a central location for our group and it’s the kind of place that has space for a larger groups of people. The service was great. We were never left wanting for a fresh beer and they readily accommodated our revolving party. The food is above average but the prices are a little steep for what you are getting. While the Yardhouse would never be my local watering hole, it works great as a place to meet up a large group of people on a random Sunday.

File under not to be repeated:
“It’s like a contract, women agree to give it to you whenever you want, as long as you don’t do it with anyone else.”

— Paul


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