January 18th, 2010

The Week That Was 1.17.10

We’re a small operation, but we cover a lot of ground. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and write out an in depth experience about the places we go to every week. To compensate for that we’ll publish a sweet little ditty about the notable adventures of The Loop Scoop every Monday. Where did we go? What did we hear? What did we eat, drink and see? These are all questions that we ask each other and we’ll answer for you in our public forum. Enjoy.

This Week: A Couple of Guys at Poison Girl, Drinking Games Not Suitable for Public Places, Fish and Chips is the Only Option, The Antidote is Big Star Bar, Downtown: A Drinker’s History

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-17 - Poison Girl

Poison Girl and a Couple of Guys Too
After finishing up the final edits of The Starck Chair Project experience I was a little tired, but way too hopped on caffeine to consider calling it a night. Enter, friends in the restaurant industry. God bless them and their ridiculous work hours. Once you graduate college and you have one of those “normal” jobs and all your friends have “normal” lives and don’t like to stay out until 2:00AM every night, I suggest investing in some chef friends. They’re hard to come by, but if you ask around in the right circles you might be able to find a few leads. I always enjoy going up to Poison Girl, something is always guaranteed to happen or you’re going to hear one of those ridiculous conversations (or in this case, confrontations) that make going out on Monday night worth it.

Point. Counter-point. Pointless.
“It’s cold out here,” says the bikini-clad waitress.
“That’s because you’re dressed like a whore,” says the guy just looking for attention.
“I learned it from watching my mother.”
[Awkward Silence]
“You’re an asshole,” says my friend, almost seriously.
“I meant to say ‘it’s because you’re dressed so skimpily,’ but my mouth did the ‘whore’ part without my permission.”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-17 - Red Lion

Fish and Chips and Some Other Stuff
If nothing else I’m predictable. Case and point: Every time I go to Red Lion I order the fish and chips. I can be in the mood for anything else and yet I will still gravitate directly to the “Red Lion Favorites” section of the menu and make my usual order. My resolution for 2010 is to try something new at each of the places I usually go. In case you didn’t know, New Year’s resolutions officially begin on the third week of the year. I took advantage of that little loop hole and ordered the usual Fish and Chips and a pint of Boddingtons. Something that I haven’t considered about my resolution’s loop hole… Does this mean I have to find some new people to accompany me to these old haunts.

Sage Wisdom?
“Not remembering driving home is better than remembering driving home with one eye closed.”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-17 - Big Star

Haunting the Heights
With the rain settling in on Thursday, sitting outside at Antidote may not have seemed like the best choice of locations. The awning in front of the coffee shop isn’t much in the way of shelter. A couple of good cappuccinos at one of your favorite coffee spots will help you to ignore any bad weather. After indulging in numerous espresso-fueled drinks, my companion and I set off for Big Star Bar. The bar located on W 19th St has only been around for a little more than a year, but looks like it’s been a local favorite for decades. Rundown, black and white checkered flooring, dirty mirrors, old chairs and sofas, in an indoor expanse, all lead to a feeling of nostalgia. Beware, the light in the corner is not made out of wine bottles, no matter how adamantly you want to believe it is. Blame it on your eyes playing tricks on you from 50 feet away under low light conditions. That should work. Actually, all that will lead to is having a picture in your email inbox the next morning of the supposed “wine bottle light” to rub in the fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Honoring Resolutions: A Field Guide
“Do New Year’s Resoultions include streaks?”
“Well, if your New Year’s Resolution is to streak more, I think you’re on the right path.”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-17 - Harp

Power Half-Hour and Things You Should Avoid in Public
With a friend visiting town from New York, we decide to take a trip out to the Harp on Richmond. When ten buddies from college get together for the first time in a year, “regression” turns out to be the word of the night. Why just sit around telling stories and catching up while sipping a Kronenberg 1664 when you could be taking shots of beer every minute over the course of thirty? Sounds like a perfect(ly flawed) plan to me. Three buckets of beer later, you’ll be standing around discussing racism and “almostfights ” that you nearly had in that very bar, while the guy who “almost fought” your friend stands less than 15 feet away. Cheers to alcohol inducing a short-memory span or no memory at all in your would-beadversary.

Is something fishy here? Or is it me?
Patron: Excuse me, what’s the catch of the day?
Waitress: uuuummmm, I think it’s the maui-maui….yeah…well let me ask. It’s usually the maui-maui, but it may be different today.
Patron: (to me) wow, did she just say that? I’m not sure which part is the most absurd the fact that she said Maui Maui or the fact that it’s odd that the catch of the day changes…
Waitress: (returns)…it’s actually red snapper today.
Me: “Excuse me Flo, what’s the soup du jour…

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-17 - La Carafe

A Houston Drinker’s History Lesson: La Carafe
There is a first time for everything, including a first time to be embarrassed by the fact that you’ve never been to La Carafe. I know friends that won’t touch a drop of alcohol that have been to the oldest bar in the city. After crossing the threshold it’s obvious why even the sober appreciate La Carafe housed in Houston’s oldest commercial building. It’s dark, dusty, and leaning just a hair to the left. Choc-full of character, La Carafe is one of those places that make The Loop Scoop worth writing (and photographing). Beer and wine are the only two beverages you will be served from this cash only bar, but if you’re a liquor drinker you’ll be happy to give up your vice of choice for a night just for the experience. From La Carafe we ended up walking down to No Tsu Oh (any help with spelling would be terrific) for a night cap. No Tsu Oh is nearly impossible to describe, but I will try my hand at it: It’s as if your grandparents basement, had little baby basements and they all lived under the same roof with they’re treasures of junk, lost wonders, and especially dust.

A Man Walks Into a Bar…
“What’s ‘green chartreuse’,” asks the quizzical man.
“Only one of the top three reasons I’ll never stop drinking,” scoffs the bartender.
“I’ll try it,” says the man, now deep in thought wondering what the other two reasons could be.

— Paul


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