January 25th, 2010

The Week That Was 1.24.10

We’re a small operation, but we cover a lot of ground. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and write out an in depth experience about the places we go to every week. To compensate for that we’ll publish a sweet little ditty about the notable adventures of The Loop Scoop every Monday. Where did we go? What did we hear? What did we eat, drink and see? These are all questions that we ask each other and we’ll answer for you in our public forum. Enjoy.

This Week: McElroy’s: A Place for Darts (and Staying Out Too Late), The “Just One Drink” Song and Dance at Anvil, Lawndale Unveils New Exhibits, A French Invasion of Hermann Park, Fair Trade: Fare at Te House of Tea

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - McElroys

Darts, Draughts, and Debauch at McElroy’s
Remember what I said last week about having friends in the restaurant industry? Yeah, I take it all back. They’re bad influences: Rotten apples of society. They go out of their way to make your normal 9 to 5 a living hell. I accept no responsibility for ordering “one last beer” at Midnight that turned into three more St. Arnold Winter Stouts . However, I do accept responsibility for making it worth the bartenders at McElroy’s time to stay open until 2AM. Even though I threw the best game of darts of my life, I have a hard time justifying my zombified state throughout Tuesday. Sure, the following quote made it all worth it, but it came immediately when I sat down at the bar and ordered my first Stout:

Everybody Needs Some Alone Time To Love Them
“I just remember Travis grabbing a bottle of lotion and saying, ‘I’m going to my room for a half hour’ and Molly asking ‘what are you going to do?’ What do you think?!”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - Anvil

“Just One Drink” at Anvil Bar and Refuge
By Thursday I had finally recovered from my Monday night fling with Bacchus. My friend shoots me a text reading, “I feel like grabbing a drink, but I don’t want to stay out late.” Sure, we can all agree that we don’t intend on staying out, but it’s never about the number of drinks. I’ve done that “just one drink” song and dance too many times. It’s always about the experience that keeps you in the throes of the nightlife. In fact, hanging out on Thursday at Anvil was about the most random experience I’ve had in a long time. First there was the wannabe cougar who propositioned my friend with “I’m 48. I’m a Susan Sarandon type that’s looking for a younger man. Do you follow?” Then there was the Jersey Girl that was looking to set her friend up with the best the bar had to offer. Then the Baltimore businessmen who were smoking cigars and extolling the virtues of the Northeast started up a conversation. All the while, Terrance – the doorman – stands in the corner laughing not even trying to make sense of it all.

C’mon! That Was Funny!
“What are you guys drinking,” asks the cute girl in red trying to decide her next order.
“I’ve got a Negroni. I’m not a racist. It’s the name of the drink, look at the list,” I reply.
“Huh?” she says with a strange look on her face.
“Negroni… you know? Never mind.”
“Oh, I thought you said Peroni.”
“Yeah. See? It was funny… kind of…”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - Lawndale Art Center-1

An Unveiling at Lawndale
The newest galleries opened at Lawndale Art Center on Friday night. With that as our final goal, we headed to Anvil to wish Aaron a happy birthday before they embarked to dinner. Our arrival was greeted with a “you? Again?!” from Justin the bartender. Touche. The full experience will grace your computer screens soon, but in the meantime head up to Main Street in the Museum District. Exhibits by UUPA Crust, Christopher Cascio and Anne J. Regan, and Ned Dodington make it worth the trip. It is tough to pick a favorite out of theDARe to go FURther, Harmonic Spheres, and Poly-Lawn-Dale exhibitions. I’m going to need your help to do just that.

What We Have Here is a Failure To Mirth
“Where do you live now?”
“Down the street on the corner. It’s a perfect spot. I don’t understand why the previous tenant left. He kicked himself out. Obviously there was a mirth deficit.”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - Hermann Park

The French Invade Houston
The middle of December brought the news that the work of Bernar Venet was going to be displayed at Hermann Park. In my mostly spontaneous life, I usually forget to anticipate something. This sculpture installation was an exception to that rule. For some reason it stuck with me for more than a month and on Saturday, the first day it found a home on the lawns of the Museum District, I woke early on the hazy morning to make my trip and pay homage. The sculptures are huge arcs of rusting steel placed throughout the park and even on the medians separating Main Street from itself and Montrose. You don’t even have to get out of the car to enjoy Venet’s wonders, though I would recommend it.

I Would Call that Frugality
“He wouldn’t pay ten cents to watch a rooster fly across the ocean.”

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - Te House of Tea

“Fair Trade” Is Not Carnie’s Employment
I have the habit of jumping into things head first and trying to make sense of it all only after I feel like drowning is in my imminent future. It turns out that this a characteristic that my sister shares. She brought back more than the usual tourtista knickknacks from a recent vacation to Beijing. One of those was a ring on her finger the other was an obsession with Fair Trade practices. I have to say that besides being on the occasional bag of coffee beans from Starbucks I was unfamiliar with the term. I agreed to meet my sister and her fiance at the Te House of Tea a fair trade certified tea shop on Fairview. We sat outside discussing her newest project: Involvement with Scarlet Threads an online boutique which just started up in November. My sister’s passion was mesmerizing as we volleyed ideas back and forth. Though I’m not much of a chef (nor much of a woman) I might need to buy one of the aprons for myself. But, I must admit, I’m much more interested in one of the tiger hats that Scarlet Threads offers. I’m certain that I could start a new trend in Houston wearing one of those.

Words to Live By
“When a bar starts playing Lady Gaga’s Poker Face I know it’s time to go.”

— Paul


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