February 1st, 2010

The Week That Was 1.31.10

We’re a small operation, but we cover a lot of ground. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and write out an in depth experience about the places we go to every week. To compensate for that we’ll publish a sweet little ditty about the notable adventures of The Loop Scoop every Monday. Where did we go? What did we hear? What did we eat, drink and see? These are all questions that we ask each other and we’ll answer for you in our public forum. Enjoy.

This Week: Fish on Tuesday, Beaver on Friday, Rudyard’s on Sunday, Agora Every Day…

Catch of the Day (Tuesday, Specifically)
We choose to ignore that some of Houston’s favorites are chain restaurants. When one of those “chains” happens to be born and bred in Houston it makes it easy to ignore the corporate establishment and embrace the restaurant. Such is the way that I view Goode Company. They do everything well; from tacos to Texas country. On Monday my friend suggested that we head out to Goode Company Seafood on Westpark for dinner. With the weather not quite it’s coldest, there wasn’t much of an excuse to dive into a bowl of crab gumbo, but that didn’t stop me. Add to that the fried catfish poboy and I was more than content. The waitress questioned me twice (”you want a bowl… not a cup of gumbo? Are you sure?”) but I was stubborn with my order. Going down a notch on my belt never tasted so good.

Bumper Sticker of the Week
“Macedonia is Greek” (The sticker of note was actually displayed twice on the same car. Talk about beating a dead Trojan horse… Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.)

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - Agora

Italian Coffee, Greek Cafe
You probably assume that Agora should be in every edition of The Week That Was. That’s not so much an assumption as it’s predictable, true, and completely certain. If ambiance was a drug I would be filling my syringes with Agora brand atmosphere. There are people that work best when they plop at a table in the library in the quietest of conditions. For me the best it gets is when there’s the most going on. Music, television, loud conversations, clinking glasses, hissing espresso machines, raucous laughter… I need all of it. I can only tune in to the task at hand when I have something else to tune out. Not everyone is going to want to try to concentrate on reading in those conditions (on Wednesday I had stolen my friend’s The Double Life is Twice as Good by Jonathan Ames), especially when they’re playing some ridiculous club-type music on the jukebox. I say, bring on the club music. Make it as clubby and as catchy as possible. I’ll see you on the other side of midnight with half of the book finished.

Random Factoid
Lenny Kravitz is 5′ 7″… Seriously.

Eating Beaver
With the weather on Friday night, my plane into Bush was delayed. That meant our dinner destination would have to be a place that’s open later. When I finally made it home, we made the short trip over to Beaver’s Ice House in order to get some Texas barbeque back in my system. Usually packed, the late night crowd at Beaver’s was more laid back than I’m used to, which was a nice change of pace and allowed us to enjoy dinner without rushing. We started the meal with the “Bar Bar,” or brisket drenched in sauce and topped with onions, jalapenos and served with tortilla chips. Beaver’s believes that fat is flavor, so it’s no surprise that the brisket in the Bar Bar is moist. I prefer my brisket lean, but I was still able to find enough meaty pieces to top the homemade tortilla chips. For dinner, we had the brisket plate and the Beaver Burger. The brisket, smoked to perfection, is moist and tender. As with any bbq worth it’s salt, the sauce is served on the side, which is good, because the smokey flavor of the meat shines on it’s own. The Beaver burger isn’t your standard patty. Beaver’s uses brisket, sirloin and bacon for their burger meats. They use a coarse grind, so they different meats are very evident in the patty. We capped the night off with a piece of Buttermilk Pie, which was incredibly sweet, so it was great to share.

Vermont: State of Ben and Jerry’s, All Things Green, and Witty Comebacks
“It’s not like you two are the model of normalcy,” responds the Vermonter tired of having the people of her state ridiculed.

Stumbling Through Rudyard’s Jungle
With deadlines approaching on Monday and not being up to my usual “five nights out a week” schedule, I was looking for something to do on Sunday. I made plans which of course were canceled at the last possible moment. With writing to be done and photographs to be edited I made my way to my usual table at Agora. While I was there, the plan canceler (whom we will call “Clarissa”) decided to scrap her previous scrapping of plans. After a listing out all the possible bars within a three mile radius, we finally choose to go up to Rudyard’s for “just one beer.” Of course, we know how these things turn out. One beer leads to one game of darts which leads to one more beer which leads to a cigarette break which leads to just one more beer: Wash, rinse, and repeat. Needless to say, I dominated Clarissa on the dart board, but lost the battle of quotable (and unexplainable) comebacks to a few of her friends.

Come again?
“My quote for next week is going to be ‘Go, tongue. Go.’”
“Story of my life…”
(Putting this in context would only confuse further. Trust me.)

— Paul


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