October 25th, 2010

The Week That Was 10.24.10

“What the hell did I do this week?” was the question that I asked Richard this morning as I was putting together this column. It’s a sad day when you realize that you’ve been all around town and might not have anything to show for it. Luckily, he reminded me of a couple of the things that made the schedule and here we have a column. Worth reading? Now that’s up to you.


Bocce, By Any Other Name, Is Still Bocce
My friend who left town this weekend [read below] has been bugging me to try out Zimm’s Little Deck for about three weeks now. I’m not sure if it’s because he wanted me to make sure it got mentioned on The Loop Scoop or if he’s genuinely the biggest fan of the new Montrose spot. When looking for a group dinner spot for Tea Jones, Richard and myself, I offered up the young Zimmermans’ restaurant as a possibility. As is usually the case, once one option is offered up a decision has been made. The indecisive need but one option to make a move. I managed to show up about a half hour late to the festivities which meant that I missed the clash of couples on the petanque court. Actually, it was a battle between the sexes on Thursday night, one that saw the women walk away as victors. We moved into drinks and dinner pretty soon after my arrival, which saw my wallet take a hit drinking seven dollar cans of the Oskar Blues variety of brews. I’m all for craft beer, but not one who wants to spend that kind of scrilla on my beverages. The food was good, Tea Jones stands steadfast by the oysters and the ceviche was outstanding, but next time I’ll be sticking to the beer specials and not the special beers.

Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch… Here It Goes Down, Down into My Belly
A good friend of mine is leaving the friendly confines of Texas for the Great White North. Yes, that’s correct: America’s top hat will soon be the home of my old roommate. In honor of the occasion, we took over the top hat of Hefley’s in Midtown drinking some good ol’ Lone Star Beer and making due with The Alamo burger. Soon the revelry made a turn to a “classier” location. Champagne awaited us at Zimm’s Martini & Wine Bar. Ladies love the idea of free champagne, so off we went around midnight to tie one on a little tighter. In my infinite wisdom, I made a switch from the National Beer of Texas to the National Drink of Scotland. “One Oban, neat, please,” was my call of the night. When someone had asked me earlier in the night how drunk I was, I responded that I was a three on the one to ten scale. You don’t know how quickly that three turns into a seven once you hit the bottom of a highball glass. It is an infinite increase in the octane of your drinking. The Alamo burger did nothing to soak up what was to follow, let alone the fact that I remembered the burger at all. There are reasons in this world that a self-respecting man shouldn’t start drinking at 8PM and carry-on until 2AM. There are even more for him not to make a switch from beer to liquor two thirds of the way through his night.

Shiva Blast
For those of you that watch The League, a “Shiva Blast” is not a new thing. For those of you that don’t watch the FX comedy, first off, let me offer my condolences on missing out on a hilarious show and, secondly, you might still enjoy this paragraph if you like Indian food in West University. Usually when I’m trying to figure out my meal for the night, the old stand-bys resurrect themselves. I’m nothing if I’m not unoriginal. Luckily, Indian food was suggested and we made our way to Shiva Indian Restaurant on Times Boulevard in Rice Village. We ordered a couple of the sampler platters knowing not what to single out for indulgence. For $15 dollars I had a meal for three of which I could only eat two servings. Not only was I able to expand my palate a bit, but I also managed to stretch my stomach on a budget. I’ll take that every time. I will also take a trip up to Anvil to meet up Richard and his crew for in order to pair my Indian cuisine with a few Old Fashioneds. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for heartburn at all…


Beavers, Anvils, & Cedars. Oh my! (Richard)
Saturday’s daytime activities were relatively peaceful—some lunch at Little Bigs, a little college football – both real and imaginary, and a trip to the recycling center. I’ll use an over-used idiom here and say that it was calm, like before a storm. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? The night blew in like a happy little tropical storm, as the cheerful ones don’t cause damage or death, they merely give Galveston descent waves for the surfers. My wife and I had out of town company from the Pelican State, so dressing Houston up in his/her finest ascot for a little show off, was our God given mandate. As the evening neared, our stomachs began alerting us of a hunger, the kind of which could only be sated at Beaver’s Icehouse. The Beaver Burger, Knocked-Up, Lamb Shank, and Mikkeller Chipotle Porter did the city proud. After eating entirely too much food we proceeded to the second phase of our mission, meeting Paul at the Anvil. One Martini, one gin-based Old Fashioned, two rye-based Old Fashioneds, two Zombies, two Playanese Tonics and one Knickerbocker were all consumed at one point during our stint on Westheimer. As time crept on into the next day we figured we had better shove on. Paul went on to Rebels for some more bull-riding and me and mine blew over to Cedar Creek to catch the last hour of service. With last call come and gone that evening’s storm finally dissipated.

Quoteth The Metromentum
Female 1: “Did you provide his outfit tonight?”
Female 2: “No, he’s the metromentum behind that getup.”

The Loop Scoop Look Ahead: Mo Stache, Less Problems
I used to write for a little satirical sports blog last year. During my tenure there, we decided that we would participate in a little worldwide fundraiser called Movember. If you’ve ever met me before, you can quickly deduce that I am not one that can grow a robust mustache. In fact, our entire team was not Lip Fur Friendly. We found a way to embarrass ourselves and raise a couple hundred dollars in the process. This year, we’re moving the team over to The Loop Scoop’s hands. We want you to join with us, grow a stache through the month of November and help raise a little money to fight prostate cancer and support Livestrong. Our team name is Mustachioed Looparios. If you’re a man, join and grow one. If you’re a lady, join and support your man/men growing one. If you haven’t decided if you’re a lady or a man, you can do both.

— Paul


Mike — Monday, October 25, 2010 2:43 pm

Zimm’s Little Deck also charges $7 for St. Arnolds. “F” that.

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