October 4th, 2010

The Week That Was 10.3.10

This week I have to go out of town. Honestly, I haven’t been out of town since a weekend trip to Chicago back in the spring. Maybe I’ve become a little bit too comfortable in my Houston life, but for some reason I’m not very excited about being in DC for the next three days. On top of that, I get home, stay two nights and then enter the foreign wasteland that is Austin. Austin City Limits is a fantastic time. I’m looking forward to it. Also, I’m looking forward to the festival organizer comparing ACL to Summer Fest. Wait, that will never happen. That’s just what we Houstonians do with our inferiority complex


Squirtle, I Choose You (Paul)
After our weekly staff meeting (in which nobody likes to pay attention) I made my way for a cold drink at Stag’s Head. Two important discoveries were made on Tuesday night: 1) Apparently, the bar has a “bring your own glass” special on Sunday nights and 2) people still play Magic: The Gathering. There was a group of about twelve people playing the card game in the sun room of Stag’s Head when I wandered in for my beverage. People still play this? Actually, a better question would be “people still play this in public?” You were a nerd if you brought out your deck when you were in Junior High, I can’t imagine the current perceptions. Kudos to you, Magic players. Revolt against the public norm… I think.


Brewskies are for Winners Only (Paul)
After eeking out a 1-0 defensive battle on the kickball field this week, our team took to West Alabama Ice House for some refreshment. As a man of habit, it’s hard for me to make any interesting beer purchases most of the time. Sure, I venture outside the box when creativity is called for, but at places like WAIH I usually just stick with Pacifico or a Saint Arnold selection. While waiting on a bar tender for my next victory beer, I spied something in the cooler: A can, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. We all know that classiness is determined by how much aluminum you’re drinking out of so I took a stab at the name, mispronounced/read it and was served a canned Wittekerke for my troubles. Oh, delicious witbier… You might break me out of my IPA dependency if you play your cards right. First, we’re going to have to get you served at more bars. Somebody needs to lead the petition to get Wittekerke in more coolers.


More Birthdays, Seriously? (Paul)
After having a bit more than my fill on Thursday night, I decided on Friday I was going to take it easy. When I showed up at King Biscuit for my friend’s celebration I stuck to water. The unfortunate thing with this decision is that the alcohol could have dried me up a little bit and my allergies would have been held at bay. Such was not the case. When I left the party to meet my sister at Liberty Station for a one hour lecture, I decided that beer was going to be had. A Left Hand Sawtooth was promptly placed in front of me. The only thing left to even out my evening would be food. That’s why the Hubcap Burger truck was my savior. Whatever they call it, the Cheesy Cheetos Burger is a little slice of junk food heaven. A perfect patty placed on top of crunchy Cheetos and smothered in Cheez Whiz is just the ticket to satisfy any kind of hunger you might be suffering from. What a delight.


Livestock, Corn Dogs, and Life Advice from Cory Morrow (Stephan)
The Texas State Fair is one of those things that every self-respecting Texan has to do at least once in their lives, even if it means a trip to Dallas. However, if you don’t feel like driving for hours, there is an alternative, the Fort Bend County Fair. Held at the fairgrounds in Rosenberg, the fair is a great way to experience a miniature version of the state fair much closer to home. This year the closing acts included Kyle Park, Brandon Rhyder, and the always entertaining Cory Morrow. We ate a couple corn dogs, visited the goats, sheep, and cattle, and enjoyed a little two-stepping and beer before calling it a night. The weather was great and there was an awesome crowd on hand for the show. I’m already looking forward to what next year holds!


Strangers in a Strange Land (Richard)
This past week in the Regular Scoop we suggested checking out the Oktoberfest at the Liederkranz Hall of Houston. While I can’t say the trip was wasted, and it wasn’t, I may or may not suggest it in the future. Heading up north of 610 on Saturday evening, we arrived to a packed joint. Paying twelve buckeruskies was the price of admission to the dimly lit hall. With a pitcher of German beer and Diet Coke setting us back another 18, we slowly crept away from the bar and food area and further in to the dance hall. A group of elderly gentlemen, some dressed in leisure suits, one in western wear and the rest in lederhosen, were proudly belting songs in that wonderfully guttural language responsible for words like “Schwangerschaftverhütungsmittel”, “Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung”, and “Jagermeister.” After eating our overpriced, but delicious dinner of Bratwurst, Brot, Kartoffelsalat (mayonnaise based, not mustard—weird), and Sauerkraut, we decided it was time to shove off. Auf Wiedersehen.

— Richard


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