November 8th, 2010

The Week That Was 11.07.10

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do much of anything last week. I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Pauldo, why don’t you take it easy for once?” Luckily, Pauldo was in the mood to listen to some logic. Let me clarify a little bit: I didn’t do much according to my own standards, but if I were, say, Stephan, I’d be bragging about how I painted the town red for seven straight days.


They Say if You’re Not Lonely Alone, Something’s Wrong
What’s with the stigma associated with dining alone? It can’t be that depressing to those on the outside, can it? On Wednesday, I took to the misty night to find some food. Jenni’s Noodle House was where my car took me. I grabbed a book – Orbiting the Giant Hairball – and ordered from the menu and had a delicious, although, apparently white-washed, meal of dumplings and fried rice. Burning through 30 pages of text (and ridiculous illustrations), my rice continually slipped off the curved edges of my chopsticks. Of course, I had no problem with this lack of skill since it just meant a little more alone time with my book. When I told a friend that I had eaten alone, I got the “awwwwww, I’m so sorry,” routine. Well, cut it out, lady. I’m not sorry for me. I’m sorry that you can’t find the strength to chew and swallow when you’re all by your lonesome.

ArticleImage-TWTW (2-21-10) - Onion Creek

That’s Special, Kinda
It’s always a nice feeling when it seems like someone in authority is bending the rules for you. When I got up to Onion Creek it was about 20 minutes past 11AM. The breakfast kitchen was closed down. Unfortunately, that was all I wanted to eat. Give me an egg or two with some bacon and I would be a happy camper, especially on days that no matter what amount of coffee I consume I can’t seem to wake up. With my sister and her husband in tow, I didn’t even have to bat my eyelashes to get the bartender to agree to have a breakfast panini made for me. Scrambled egg, cheese, bacon and ham… a delicious combination. Just to make sure to get my morning started with a bang, I ordered a Black Eye on top of it all: Drip coffee with a shot of espresso to amp it up. No, even though on most occasions I deserve a real black eye, you can’t just have one ordered for me at your favorite Creek establishment. I appreciate your consideration, however. It’s always nice to know that you want to have some sense knocked into me.


Hunt ‘Em Down to Post ‘Em Up
I’ve been slacking in my quest to document Houston street art. In some ways, I’ve been leaving the pros to make sure that it gets done. In others, it’s just sheer laziness. On Sunday, with the weather being about as perfect as it could get, I grabbed both of my cameras and hit the streets… hard. Mostly it was just driving around and hoping to come across something interesting. There was definitely one case of breaking and entering… We won’t ever talk about that again, though. Almost four hours later, 225 photos were retrieved from the memory card (just under 60 were actually useful – above my usual average of “good” to “junk” shots). Hopefully that means that I’ll be able to put yet another Houston street art tour together in the next couple days, but, as a general rule, when I overcome one bout of laziness, I usually replace it with a different one.


Soaps, Goods and Wares, How Bazaar (Richard)
With just under two months to go before the holidays begin flooding our every thought and action, the non-procrastinator’s in The Loop Scoop offices have begun to get antsy as they desperately try to wrap up (pun!) the last of the gift shopping. What better place to try your luck than at an outdoor bazaar on a fine a Saturday as we’ve just had. Saint Andrew’s in the Heights presented its Annual Fall Bazaar this Saturday, playing host to numerous local vendors selling everything from sweet smelling soaps and baked goods to hand crafted mosaic trivets and jewelry. As my wife and I lazily walked down rows of portable awnings, we played the, “Oh, so and so might like that crafty pot thing, because they’re into boiling water” game, when in reality, we kind of just wanted the piece for ourselves. Ain’t that how it goes though? Show me a craft fair that I don’t end up walking away from with a few too many hand-made things we don’t need. Ah, C’est la vie.


Command + J My Sunday, Cuz’ I’d Do It Again (Richard)
Yesterday took my wife and I to another sort of craft event, if you could say that. This one put on by the AIGA Houston Chapter, showcasing Houston’s graphic designers and their, how should I say? Non-commercial work? Let’s face it, some jobs are taken to pay the rent, every designer has that other outlet of creativity that they use from time to time. Whether it’s paintings, illustrations, t-shirts, dishwares or photography, having free reign to communicate any message you like brings with it the potential to create some pretty compelling stuff. At the AIGA Houston’s Ctrl + Art + Create event this Sunday afternoon, designers and local businesses alike displayed their ideas in all mediums, again, giving me that many more reasons for unnecessary purchases. Luckily or unluckily, I only had enough cash to purchase the sweet illustration below from designer, Sylvester Sanchez.


Note to Sylvester: Thanks for sending me the link to your work.

— Paul


Sylvester Sanchez — Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:19 pm

howdy, just stumbled upon this. this is Sylvester Sanchez. i just made a tumblr to display work while i work on my site. thanks for the mention. the tumblr is


Richard — Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:57 am

Sylvester, consider yourself linked. Nice work.

Shadrack — Friday, April 15, 2011 2:30 pm

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