November 29th, 2010

The Week That Was 11.28.10

With the Thanksgiving holiday in our back pocket, it’s only natural to look forward to bigger and better things. Unless the holiday left you depressed and desperate… In that case, you’re just just looking for something smaller and marginally good. Being that we had a lot to be thankful for this past weekend, we’re going to change things up a little bit since there will be a lot of big changes in 2011. We’ll start with a revamped The Week That Was format in 2010. Let’s ease into it, shall we?

Song of the Week – “The Airport Line” by The Week That Was

We’re not gonna go crazy. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we’re picking our song of the week from a band with the same name as the column and with a title referring to something a lot of you had to deal with over Thanksgiving. That should be a little comforting, right? The Week That Was came about as an offshoot from one of my favorite bands, Field Music. During a break of the father band, two of the founding members flirted with some new tunes on the side. You probably won’t hear any new music from The Week That Was since Field Music just released an album and is currently touring, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this song.


Decontextualized Quote of the Week – Of the Suburbs…
“It’s depressing. It’s like you have nothing left to live for.”


Like Royalty
After our meeting on Tuesday night, Richard, Tea Jones and I made our way down to Royal Oak Bar & Grill (website not yet live, but it’s gonna be there) for a celebratory cocktail. What were we celebrating? That’s not important to you. You should be asking yourself, why are we not celebrating every night. After roaming around the deceptively spacious digs of the old Bartini, taking a few photos here and there, we found our way to the bar to grab another pint of Rouge Brewery’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar where we met one of the owners. Shots of Rebel Yell Whiskey ensued and the rest of the night the celebration carried on, even if we couldn’t remember what brought us there in the first place.


Starting the Long Weekend Off Right
Who really goes to work for a full day on the eve of a long holiday? If you did, I apologize. I hit the streets around lunch time, escaping from the monotony of my eight-to-five for a take advantage of an opportunity that I’ve been longing for: Eating lunch during the workweek at Hubcap Grill. I recruited Tea Jones for my mini-excursion downtown where I ordered the Triple Heart Clogger (beef patty, bacon and hot dog) and he tried the Sticky Burger (beef patty, peanut butter and bacon). Why, yes, I did round out my meal with a side of cheese fries… thanks for asking (and not judging). Stephan wasn’t’ lying to you when he said that this is a glorious place for the meat sweats. I’m glad I finally made it down there. Also, I’m glad I had a couple of free hours waiting for my nap afterward.


John Egan at Under the Volcano
You would think that Wednesday night would have been the perfect night to go out in Houston. People funneling in town for the holidays, nary a worry about work on Thursday and the looming promise of family drama are big incentives to stay away from the casa. With John Egan playing a set at Volcano, I figured it would be the perfect respite for some people watching, beer drinking and music listening. Though the bar never got as packed as I would have thought, the lack of people allowed me to take advantage with my camera during the show. Egan played the first half of the gig as a solo act and the second half with his dueling drum sets. I implore you to check him out the next time he’s playing. He’ll even throw in some Lightnin’ Hopkins and Bruuuuuuce covers, like he did on Wednesday night, if you ask nicely… or maybe if you don’t even ask at all.


Cold and Rainy Consumer Warfare (Richard)
Black Friday came and went. With the proverbial first shots happening outside Walmarts and Old Navys around Houston at 12 in the AM, just in time for those not able to sleep after that adrenaline rush of a Lonestar Showdown (nice job, Aggies, it’s a shame about OU getting the nod, I digress). While I showed up late for the opening of Kohl’s at 2 AM, I was around long enough to witness both sides to that ever balancing coin we call human nature. Five hours of lines in the cold wind and near freezing rain made for any interesting morning. If I had not had our Training Journals, I might not have survived the enemies that lie waiting behind the clothing racks, stacked door busters and crowds of fighting jackals. When I witnessed police hauling a women away for clawing at another customer over a luggage set, I knew the day was headed in the right direction. It was fascinating how our grand notions of civilization quickly devolved into selfish survival tactics over electric griddles and cheap laptop computers. Then again, at 7 AM, the kind folks at Office Depot walked around the line of customers with fresh “corporate” coffee and Shipley’s glazed doughnuts.

— Paul


Dennis (Shady Tavern Ice House) — Monday, November 29, 2010 12:25 pm

The Hub Cap Grill is opening a place on 19th just around the corner from the Ice House. You will be able to walk through our backyard and get a burger!

Paul — Monday, November 29, 2010 12:43 pm

Just another reason to come to Shady’s. It’s been a while. I’m sure we’ll be back again soon to do a follow-up ( report on the new improvements.

Everybody is moving to the Heights. It’s awesome: Christian’s Tailgate and Tacos a Go-go will soon be on 11th.

You don’t know how excited I am about these things.

Kenneth — Tuesday, November 30, 2010 3:34 pm


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