December 6th, 2010

The Week That Was 12.5.10

What was wrong with me this weekend? I didn’t watch a lick of football. Maybe a total of a dozen snaps made it from the glowing blue box to my eyes from Thursday on. Was I hung over? A little. Was I busy? Sure, why not… All I know is that on Monday, back at work, I have nothing to talk about to my co-workers. Then again, that’s not a new revelation.

So, if Andre Johnson happened to put the whoopin’ on another cornerback, please let me know. These are things that I would like to see for myself. If the Cougars magically became bowl eligible, it would be nice of you to leave a comment on this post. If there was an upset of some kind that would make my world stop if I did not know it, definitely fill me in. The thing is, this is the first time I’ve led all three of my fantasy football match-ups going into the Monday night game, so I might have to make this a habit. The things I do for competition…

Song of the Week – “Fool for You” by Cee-Lo Green

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you may not have heard of Cee-Lo Green’s newest album, The Ladykiller. The first single from the album went viral, as any well-composed song named “Fuck You” would (official music video here, awesome animated font video here). Three weeks ago I bought the album at Cactus Music after Everest finished up their in-store performance. The Ladykiller is everything a pop/soul album should be. From the intro to the outro, there are pieces, lyrics, beats and falsetto to love. “Fool for You,” with it’s staccato rhythm is one of my favorites, though the cover of Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You” is pretty spectacular. Plus, it motivated Band of Horses to cover Cee-Lo’s “Georgia”. There’s nothing like a little friendly, musical ping pong. More, please.

Decontextualized Quote of the Week – Of Beef…
“I’m really glad I didn’t use both beef sleeves…”
“Both beef whats?!?!”


Rebirth of Guys’ Night
I’m getting up. I just don’t have the staying-power that I once had. Occasionally, the call that comes in at 10:30PM asking me to get off my armchair and head to the bar for a drink doesn’t go ignored. Monday, the sweet siren’s song of Liberty Station rang in my ears. I headed up to the Washington Avenue bar for a pint or three of the Real Ale Coffee Porter. As me and my friends that practice culinary wizardry watched some patrons play a jumbo-sized game of Jenga, we took advantage of happy hour all night. Unfortunately, Monday was also the first time that I found out that Angry Birds is available on the Droid… Unproductivity ensued for the rest of the week, and for once, it wasn’t because of drinking.

Walking the Walk
Life in the Heights would be a lot better if I wasn’t so keen on driving my car everywhere. The idea of walking to restaurants, coffee shops and bars has been lost on me for a long time. I’m a Houstonian after all. Our weekly meetings up at Antidote have been a good exercise in… exercise. I manage to walk to them on most nights that I don’t have something else to abscond to after the meeting. This week, I pulled a twofer. Walking up to Antidote and then down to Onion Creek for a little food for my over-caffeinated belly. If you know me, you know I can be quite a child… Immature, if you will. That’s exactly what my choice in cuisine said on Tuesday night. Nothing screams “grade school” like ordering a hot dog. But when the chilli cheese dogs are so classic and good at Onion Creek, why wouldn’t you want to order one. I’m not comparing them against those of Moon Tower Inn (because there is no comparison); I’m just saying they’re classic and good… Yes, I repeated myself.


“I Love and Hate This Place”
If the dress code at a particular place requires more forethought than sandals and a plain-colored t-shirt, then it usually gets overlooked. Once every six months, I’ll buck that trend and try out a new place, usually at the behest of my friends craving a different scene with different ladies to look at. On Friday night, I left work and immediately went up to 13 Celsius where my friends were conspiring to trick me into going to Hudson Lounge. The new upscale lounge is located on Robinhood, a block from Kirby. Make sure to slip on your Ferragamo shoes and button up your shirt, because this place will be mighty difficult to get into, even if you’re following all the protocol. Luckily, on Friday night we arrived early enough before the crowd for the bouncer to ignore my loathsome look as I walked up and reluctantly reached for my ID. You know what? I actually enjoyed myself. I might have liked it a little more than I wanted to, but if the “scene” actually became my scene I would probably tire of it quickly. But for one night I revelled in a sea of shiny dresses, stiletto heels and powdered noses.


Sunday Restaurants, “We’re Closed!” (Stephan)
Sunday afternoons are days that we’ll go out for lunch if we feel like it, but yesterday made me notice a lot of places I love aren’t open on Sundays. We drove to Christian’s Totem, closed. Then made our way to Gatlin’s BBQ, closed. Finally, a quick drive to Liberty Station and I was in possession of a Hubcap Grill bacon cheeseburger and all was right in the world. The lesson is, do your research on when places are open before leaving the house. Or, just head straight to Hubcap.


Lupe Tortilla, Tea and the Warm Edible Flour Blanket (Richard)
After using the first 60% of Sunday for napping, couch time and eating leftovers, my wife and I decided it was time to add productivity to our list of activities. Winding around West U, the Galleria and finally Montrose for some more Christmas shopping had us craving some Tex-Mex. And why not? Going within two miles of the Galleria on a normal day is an ass-whip without question, let alone any time in the month of December. Lupe Tortilla came to mind as a perfect candidate to re-warm our bellies. I’ve only ever heard of one item for this familiar Houston chain – beef fajitas, and for good reason. They’re delicious! It ended up being the best decision we’d made all weekend.

— Paul


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