March 15th, 2010

The Week That Was 3.14.10

With the city in the throes of Spring Break there happened to be a plethora of things to do this week, even if one of those things was sit around and watch Championship Week as college basketball thrust itself into March Madness. The University of Houston Cougars made the most of their opportunities, seizing the C-USA Tournament championship and claiming their first bid to the Big Dance since 1992. Congratulations, Coogs. In fact, seven teams from Texas will be vying for a national title this year. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

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Lazy Night, Lazy Lasagna
Marc and I disagree about the pizza in this town. He says Romano’s, I say Pink’s. My favorite is the Lazy Lasagna, a pizza topped with ricotta cheese, ground beef, sausage and the usual sauce and cheese. Make sure you order the Bacon Cheese Stix (even Marc can agree on that) and you’re in for a treat, all while resting your feet in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you’re like me, a new recruit into the cult that is people who watch LOST. Richard is to blame for my newest obsession, but I have to give him a pat on the back for choosing well. Tuesday nights are a great time to stay at home and pig out on delicious pizza and watch a mind-numbing show of twists and turns. In fact, it’s usually my only night that I give myself some time off from Looping and Scooping.

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Is that a Pie or are Your Radii Happy to See Me [working title] (Stephan)
What better way to celebrate π Day than with a fresh piece of pie? The newly opened Pie in the Sky in the Heights supplied the delicious sector (come on math nerds, that was funny). This Loopster dove into a piece of Chocolate Peanut Butter and loved every bite. I tried their breakfast the day before (no it wasn’t Oval Day) and found it was pretty good and one of the most affordable morning meals I have come across in Houston. I am already looking forward to making this place my regular pie/coffee stop. How did you celebrate π Day?

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Po’ boy for This Ol’ Boy
With a cohort being delayed by a bad door installation, I decided detour to BB’s Cajun Cafe to make sure I had enough fuel for a night on the town. Probably my fifth or sixth time up to the small restaurant on the corner of Westheimer and Montrose, it’s the first time I’ve ventured away from my old standby. Usually, I take a swing at the “Bedtime on the Bayou,” a delicious fried shrimp poboy. Feeling adventurous, I decided on the “Doorsteps at the Marigny,” a sandwich with ham, roast beef and swiss cheese. Sloppy and terrific, the Marigny po’ boy was a perfect start to the night. An even greater decision was beginning my meal with the Loaded Pollo Bullets appetizer. Honestly, my trips to BB’s are solely based on my addiction to the bite-sized, bacon-wrapped, jalepeno and cheese-stuffed, pieces of chicken. I am a man of innumerable unhealthy vices. This much should be obvious.

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A Fotofestivus for the Rest of Us
The kick off to Fotofest of Friday night had something for everyone. If you weren’t excited by the tremendous photography at the galleries throughout the city, the live set by The Gourds was sure to tickle your fancy. Tickle it did, judging by the sheer number of people that packed the Vine Street Studios. I made my way to the various galleries around Houston with two friends, in order to take in as much of the exhibits as possible. We hit up Lawndale Art Center and Hardy & Nance Street Studios, finally ending up at the Vine Street Studios for the final leg. We found free booze and a plethora of great shots at every turn. The one series that stuck out the most was at the Hardy & Nance Street Studios: Ten Things Run Over by a Fork Lift. Coupling one’s need for fine art with a display of brute strength is a satisfying in a way that is so right, it can’t be wrong. Roses, light bulbs, tubes of toothpaste, all of them squashed and squished under the heavy tread of a fork lift. Yeah, that’s a concept I can get behind. Sure, drinking cheap (read: free for a reason) vodka leads to slow Saturday mornings but it’s all worth it. It’s not like there’s a holiday that involves mass consumption of colored beer coming up this week…

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Ribs, Ales, and Irish Car Bombs
Having The First Sip run every other Tuesday serves as quite the inspiration for my beer buying decisions. I am in no way a beer knurd and I don’t know the first thing about brewing beer, but I do love drinking the final product. Having been on a pale ale kick for the last month or so, I decided to pick up a sixer of Mighty Arrow, the New Belgium seasonal pale ale, and the Belgian style ale, Abbey, when a friend of mine invited me over to taste test the first run of ribs off his new grill. All I needed was a reason to delve into an exploration of beer and pick up yet another unhealthy vice. Thanks, Brian. After polishing off the ribs and a six-pack, I made my way down to McElroy’s, where an Irish Car Bomb, always a good decision, met me at the door. Surprisingly, the Irish pub wasn’t very crowded on this Saturday night. Perhaps all the Irish citizens of Houston were just gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day. (Perhaps I should have been doing the same thing) It’s always nice to be able to walk in the door and straight to the dart board for a night throwing at the bull’s eye.

— Paul


Nate '08 — Monday, March 15, 2010 10:24 am

HOUston COUgars clap clap clapclapclap!

I’m disappointed that we didn’t get New Orleans, OKC, or even Jacksonville; but I’m still hopeful that specials will drop a Spokane or SeaTac fare into my lap today.

Paul, I’m kinda disappointed that you didn’t Scoop a single outdoor activity on this epically Spring-ish weekend. No Buffalo Bayou Regatta? No bicycle Tour de Drinkery? Not even a misguided protest/sidewalk party against a Texas-based grocer for trying to un-crackify a big chunk of Montrose? Do you hate the sun?

Paul — Monday, March 15, 2010 11:50 am

I really didn’t think that “spending time by my apartment pool” was “scoopable,” but next time I’ll be sure to include it. I’ll try to do better next week. Deal?

laanba — Wednesday, March 17, 2010 9:28 am

Thanks for the Pie in the Sky recommendation. I met a friend there yesterday. The meal was fine, but the pie was out of this world.

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