May 3rd, 2010

The Week That Was 5.3.10

The past week saw us eating and eating well. What can we say, if enjoying Houston’s fine food were a sport we’d most likely be compared to those weekend warriors training for that ever present triathlon they always talk about but never seem to do. We train, nonetheless, and in our sessions we go hard. This week saw a consistent trend with ample opportunities for mastication, whether thy regiment be burger, scallop, steak, gyro or jalapeno cheese sausage, we kept our professional food dreams alive.


BRC – (Stephan)
A Monday without an easy dinner option does not a good week make, but have no fear, BRC helps fill that void. Paul and I agreed to meet to celebrate National Pretzel Day and for me, no pretzel is complete without a beer. We were quickly seated on the patio and ordered a round of appetizers, including boudin balls, blue crab beignets and BRC’s “pickle jar”, an assortment of pickled asparagus, pickles, and garlic. Paul and I both decided that a burger was in order to make our Monday that much better, and since he didn’t feel like driving to McD’s, BRC was going to have to do. Their Monday dinner special is a $6.50 burger with a custom blend of meats and a generous portion of fries. After gorging ourselves on the burger and trying our hardest to finish off the fries, we finished our beers, happy to have fought off meat cravings for another night.

Road Trip – (Marc)
I finally got around to applying for my Texas Citizenship a few months ago, but was denied since I didn’t own a pick up truck. That all changed on Friday when I bought a new F-150 from Dave Ulrich at Russell and Smith Ford. (I have to give him a plug because he made the dreaded task of purchasing a car an enjoyable experience.) After picking up the truck on Saturday, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than taking a roadtrip to Kreuz Market in Lockhart. From the minute you walk in the door at Kreuz, you can smell history. Well, maybe that’s the smoke from the pit, but there is an aroma that speaks to good barbecue. No forks, no sauce, just good old smoked meats that have been rubbed with love. We sampled the beef shoulder, ribs and Kreuz’s famous jalapeno cheese sausage along with sauerkraut and cole slaw. Even without bbq sauce, I managed to get food all over me. For the more dignified eaters, they have sinks to wash your hands all over. I had to be escorted outside and hosed down. Capped off with a scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream, the field trip to Kreuz’s was a roaring success and I’m currently awaiting my Texas Citizenship papers in the mail so that I can install a gun rack in the truck.


Protests, Protests and more Protests – (Stephan)
No weekend is complete without a little sign-making and chanting. Whether you wanted to stand up against non-conforming houses in the Heights or wanted to make your thoughts on immigration reform known, this weekend gave you the opportunity to say “hell no, we won’t go.” A number of my neighbors were up bright and early to get people to sign a petition to stop the building of four large homes on two lots. A quick discussion with them revealed that the builder is within the law and more than likely the houses will be built. Downtown was a very large procession of folks protesting the new immigration law in Arizona and on the sidelines were counter-protesters. No violence was reported and people kept fairly calm.

Swinger’s Club – (Marc)
When you get a call on a Saturday night saying that a good friend is in town, you’ve got to meet them, no matter how much you were looking forward to a nice night in. I got that call this weekend from my buddy who I hadn’t seen since his wedding three months ago. When I got the word he was in town, we made plans to meet up at Porch Swing. My girlfriend and I got there early, since it’s literally around the corner from the casa, and we commandeered a table right in the corner. Sitting on the porch in a t-shirt and flip flops with some great friends was a perfect way to cap off the night. The staff kept our beers full and our stomachs loaded with fried goodness. They even humored my paranoid friend who pays cash for each round because he’s certain that people will run up a ridiculous tab if he opens one up. To each their own. The highlight of the evening was the decision to start a band, Jordan and the Over/Unders. Now all I have to do is learn how to play the guitar. Anybody willing to teach me?


We Say Birthday Flaming Onion Volcano, You Say Birthday Candle – (Richard)
This weekend was my mother’s birthday, so inevitably my wife and I drove south, to the town of the Quakers, somewhere in between Galveston and 610. The afternoon was left wide open for any activity or lack of activity the Birthday girl could conjure up. At first we had it set, for a night in with family, some rib-eyes, roquefort sauce, wine and a few games of spades or euchre. Thinking beyond the savory flavors and games of cards lead us to the unfriendly task of cleaning up after such joyous festivities. Cue Option 2, Ziki Sushi and Hibachi. Just across the street from the newly opened Birraporetti’s on F.M. 528. With all 10 members of our party converging on an entire Hibachi grill, we laid claim and submitted our orders. The chef spun his knives in preparation and as the crazy antics unfolded before us, steaks, scallops, shrimp, chicken, salmon (Oh my the Salmon!) and fillet mignon were all cooked before our eyes in conjunction with fried rice, zucchini, and noodles at a dizzying pace. The flames rose and died as each course was ushered towards our hungry stomachs with the clicking of knife and spatula as if on some unknown intervals, allowing our mouths a break from mastication so that conversation might again reclaim our focus. In the end not one of us left wanting.

Greek Schmeek, I Don’t Philosophy – (Richard)
Sunday seemed like as good a day as any to have a long brunch. With the weather as it was, beautiful with only a touch of humidity, my wife and I met a friend at Chatter’s Cafe and Bistro. The outdoor seating and delicious Greek breakfast alternatives made for a more than tempting offer. Having arrived at 1:00 p.m. the heavier crowds had begun filtering out already, allowing us a table right out front, straight away. I don’t make mistakes often, but when I do, I’ll admit them. Ordering anything French at a Greek restaurant, was one of my rare missteps. While the Toscana Pita, American Fries, and Mediterranean Wrap were all delicious, my Sandwhich-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named on French bread was less than worthy. The texture was dry and, while its ingredients were sound in theory (bacon, provolone cheese, chicken, olive spread, lettuce and tomato,) they were quarantined from most of the bun and lacking where they were present. However, Ketchup is an easy fix in such a situation, so the meal was not lost. Sure I left without hunger, but not with the satisfaction I had become accustomed to.


— Richard


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Great reviews as usual!

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