June 21st, 2010

The Week That Was 6.20.10

Good Summer to you all. Appropriately, the longest day of the year falls on Monday. Every Monday feels like the longest, so this one should just cruise on by like nothing is different. I would warn you against the triple digit temperatures and outrageous humidity we’re about to be experiencing, but those things have been stifling us for the last two months. Enjoy this weather while it lasts. In six months when the two weeks of 40 degree temps roll around and every native Texan is freaking out and damning Global Warming with every breath you’re going to miss them.


Catastrophe Theory (Paul)
I keep a calendar (a paper one that you mark things down in pen, I’m old-fashioned), but that doesn’t mean that it keeps me on schedule 100% of the time. Take Monday for example. I had known about the music video premiere of “Catastrophic Skies” by Houston band Pale for a couple weeks. Did that mean that I was ready for it? No. Amazingly, I saw it in just enough time to get my act together and run down to the River Oaks Theater for the party and screening. Pale has been a band on the verge of breaking into the popular music scene for a few years now. Watching “Catastrophic Skies” it’s quite obvious that their patience is running low and they’re ready to break through the barriers that lead to stadium-tour glory at any cost. The new single’s video is anything but a veiled front against the powers that be in the now failing corporate music industry. Fans of the band, friends to the project and the production team all crammed into the upstairs theater in a number strong enough to warrant two screenings. Check out the video below or check out the extended cut/short film.

What say you, Loopsters? Does Pale deserve a shot at the big time with this video?


We’re All Long Tall Texans (Paul)
There are a few questions that are impossible to turn down. “Do you want to hit up a dive bar in the heights?” is one of them. When that bar is a place that I’ve never heard of, it’s even more of a treat. Such was life on Friday afternoon. Just as that sun started getting heavy in the sky and finding its home on the horizon, I drove up to Alice’s Tall Texan Drive Inn at 4904 N. Main in the heights. We’re going to have to create a new category for this place. In some ways it’s a dive bar, in every other it’s a crown jewel for generations of folks. Tall Texan is a place where people invite you to sit at your table even though they don’t know you from Adam. It’s a place where you make people nervous because you’re standing. On Friday night it was also a place with an average age of 55. We were well out of place, but couldn’t have felt more a home. Drinking $1.50 goblets – I’m sorry, “scooners” – of Lone Star rehashing the speakers of TEDxHouston, we sat next to a friendly trio of patrons enjoying the happy hour that never ends at Tall Texan. This is a place that deserves another trip back and an extended experience on The Loop Scoop. It will get both very soon.


The Anatomy of a Set List for Karaoke (Paul)
There are some people that take their karaoke seriously. They design their requests well ahead of time, pairing the ballads with the barn-burners there is a careful strategy to bring down the house. Should the Ghostbusters theme song come before or after TLC’s Waterfalls? I’m not sure, good fellow, but I will photograph you against your will as you sing both of those tunes. Karaoke is one of those things that happens once in a blue moon for me (if you count every three years a “blue moon”). Just read back to our trip out to Glitter Karaoke. Singing in front of the bar takes much more incentive than going as a groupie. That’s why I found myself at PJ’s Sports Bar in Montrose on Friday night. Besides the older lady who went absolutely bat shit crazy when she thought I gave her seat away to a younger, much more attractive and obviously less insane woman, the night was just over the top enough to wonder if karaoke could become part of my monthly repertoire of nightlife activities. From watching the stumbling, drunk guy absolutely blow Black Dog out of the water to the aforementioned batshit woman trying position herself as my late evening entertainment, it won’t be forgotten in a long time.


Survival of the Paintless (Paul)
Paintball is a thing of the past. Let me rephrase: Paintball was a thing in my past. I hadn’t considered playing in years, since the middle of college, to be exact. When it came for my future brother-in-law’s bachelor party, we found ourselves in the woods of Survival Game of Texas off of Beltway 8 and Aldine-Westfield. As I write this, it’s Monday morning. I’m still hurting. I’m sore in places I didn’t know I could get sore in. The welts collected look more grotesque this morning than they did the day of the event. Surprisingly, paintball is just as fun now as it was almost a decade ago. Unlike karaoke, there’s no way I would add it to a monthly schedule, but maybe once a year(?). I think by that time the marks on my back and legs should have healed by then, right?


Phil’s Texas Barbecue (Stephan)
There’s a new player in the game of Texas style BBQ called Phil’s and it’s located at 110 S. Heights Blvd. We took a half hour out of our Sunday to check it out and give our first impressions. The restaurant is located in a huge building with one half being devoted entirely to a bar.We munched on a variety of items but the must tries are the jalapeƱo sauage, the mac & cheese, and the spicy BBQ sauce. The mac & cheese has a nice spicy finish, which surprises you when it hits the back of your throat. We are hoping that time refines the brisket and the potato salad. The brisket tasted like it needed just a little more time in the smoker (we ordered it “wet”) and the potato salad was a tad bland, but I think with time and as they get the opening week glitches worked out, we’ll see improvement. I am just glad to have another barbecue option close to downtown, the Heights, and Montrose.


Loopsters, we have to ask a favor of you. The Loop Scoop is nominated for Best Local Blog by Click2Houston. Do us a solid and cast your vote our way today. We appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

— Paul


Bleach Brown — Monday, June 21, 2010 9:45 am

Seen Phil’s, gonna try this week. Thanks fo the heads up. Great blog too.

Beth — Tuesday, June 22, 2010 9:18 pm

Just voted for The Loopscoop!! I was at Liberty Station (love it too) this weekend and I saw Charles wearing the infamous I heart Mosquitos tee!! Loopscoop is taking over Houston :)

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