June 28th, 2010

The Week That Was 6.27.10

Moving has to be one of the most exhausting and arduous practices out there. Unfortunately, it tends to be a necessity. Whether you decide that you need to find a place that better fits your budget or you are tired of las cucarachas finding their way through your plumbing to hang out on your soiled dishes, there isn’t a wrong reason to move. There is, however, a wrong way.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start buying boxes for your big life change. This means you haven’t put anything into boxes. You might think you’re helping yourself out by putting things in neat little piles coordinated with what will go where in your new place, but this plan will get shot to hell the moment your movers grab the first box. They don’t care that you want all of your Precious Moments figurines to be in the family room. They will end up stacked under boxes of books in the kitchen when it comes time to unpack.

Don’t rely on friends to help you. Hire someone. There aren’t enough six-packs in the world to compensate your good friends for lugging boxes to the paid-by-the-hour UHaul you so diligently rented. This is a fantastic way to destroy relationships and tear hernias. I used 3 Men Movers. They are exactly what they say they are: three dudes and they move things. Plus, you don’t have to worry whether or not they’ll show up for the scheduled poker night next week.

Do expect it to take forever to unpack your new house. I found two boxes that I had never cut open from my last move when this one rolled around. Sure, it made me feel a little better that my “packed box” count grew without having to do any work, but the sneaking suspicion that my Strunk and White reference guide was in one of those corrugated coffins. At least that’s what I will be blaming my lack of grammar accuracy on this week.


A Stone’s Throw from the Creeks (Paul)
My move took me to the Heights. “You’re one of those Heights people, now… huh?” was the response as I told my friend about my plan. Yeah, I guess I am. If being a “Heights person” means having a bunch of food options within 5 minutes of my home, then I’m all for it. Knee-deep in cardboard, I finally gave in to my stomach’s protests for food and made my way down 6th Street for a burger. Dry Creek http://www.drycreekcafe.com/home.html is just on the corner of 6th and Yale. Getting there at 8:55PM when closing time is 9:00PM on a weeknight didn’t lend itself to being much of a problem, thankfully. My waiter urged me to pick something quick so the kitchen didn’t come out and beat me with a spatula for extending their stay at work. You don’t have to tell me twice. My mother taught me the importance of avoiding a spatula-wielding mad-woman a long time ago. Settling on the Bleu Boy, a bleu cheeseburger with bacon, seemed like the obvious choice. Pairing it with a side salad with yet more bleu cheese dressing seemed like a redundant option, yet here I am to tell the tale.


Hangin’ with the Beav (Marc)
To wrap up an eventful and hectic week, my friends and I decided to meet for happy hour at Beaver’s Ice House. It isn’t always easy to find a place to meet for an after work drink with the crew but Beaver’s has something for anyone’s tastes. Our group featured both repeat patrons and newbies, and the first timers were quickly turned on to the excellent mac and cheese from the kitchen. The snack was washed down with a few hand crafted specialty cocktails. The smoky julep was a definite favorite. The next round saw most of the crew switch to beers, either Fireman’s 4 or the old stand by, Lone Star. If you’re looking to drink on the cheap, Lone Star and PBR are two dollars, all day, every day. Happy hour, which runs from 3 to 7, offers a dollar off all Texas drafts and the house punch for $5. After a tough week, whether you are looking to drown your sorrows or eat away your troubles, you can’t go wrong at Beaver’s. The best part about it is that after enjoying a few cocktails and snacks, a quick order to go has got dinner covered. No mess, no fuss… my kind of evening.


Idol of the Heights (Paul)
There is something wrong with this world when someone asks me to partake in a karaoke competition. It’s even more wrong when I’m not being asked to sing, but to be a “celebrity” judge for the show. That’s not how these things work, yet it is exactly how it hashed out on Friday night. There was the good, the bad and the ugly at The Social. Thankfully, the judges table was sans microphone for the competition. The last thing that I would have wanted to do was to give a critique on each of the dozen performances. “You should listen to my opinion, amateur songstress. I write for The Loop Scoop. We’re very important. My criticism of your style is necessary to your growth as a person and talent. Did you know we’re nominated for Best Local Blogger? You should vote for us now that I’ve told you that I saw two cats’ heads explode after they heard your rendition of Oh, What a Night.” Idol of the Heights resumes at 6:30PM on Friday in two weeks. We’ll see if I get invited back.


Roll’n to the Railyard (Paul)
When Roll’n Saloon shut down, we mourned properly with a photo essay. It was the second time since we started The Loop Scoop that we had witnessed the final night of a Houston institution. The first was Cafe Annie, which has now moved personel and locations to become RDG. Del Grande and crew have been making quite the new name for themselves. The question is whether or not The Railyard – newly named after Roll’n’s makeover – can do the same. In fact, you may as well just throw out all of your previous ideas of what Roll’n used to be right now. You’re not going to find chalked up ceiling tiles. There isn’t graffiti on the walls. The bathrooms are functional and clean. They have more than five choices for beers. Basically, everything that once was, isn’t. You have a mighty selection of drinks, exposed duct work on the ceiling, brick accents on each wall and space to roam around. I only sat at the bar for two drinks on Friday night, so I can’t be called an expert on the bar (yet). Give me a couple more trips and I’ll see what I can do.

— Paul


Adrienne — Monday, June 28, 2010 7:34 pm

Welcome to the Heights… we have a lot of fun bloggers here. http://www.chickenconfidential.blogspot.com- come check out the coop sometime

Paul — Wednesday, June 30, 2010 9:44 am

Thanks for the welcome, Adrienne.

Chicken blogging, eh? I’m a fan.

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