July 26th, 2010

The Week That Was 7.25.10

As I sit back to take a look at what happened last week, all I see is a blur. That might be because there was a lot to do, but more than likely, it has to do with the fact that alcohol was involved. Oh, alcohol, what am I to do with you (besides drink you until I’m unfit for day-to-day activity)? Obviously, I’m exaggerating just a little bit. But after weeks of minding my liver, it feels like when it rained last week, it poured pure fermented goodness everywhere.


You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
It’s probably just the fact that I live there now, but I tend to be spending a lot more time in the Heights these days. I told myself that I wouldn’t be one of those people that never found themselves south of I-10 because of my new residence. I tell myself a lot of things. Cedar Creek seems to be a magnet these days. Tuesday I ended up at Onion Creek’s kin for a “Welcome” party for the guys at Always Creative as they made nice with the Houston twitterati. Saturday found an opposite kind of party as some friends gathered for a “Farewell” celebration at my old haunt, The Harp. It seems so far away now, both in geography and time period. Gone are the days of walking in to make eye contact with the bartender and having a Lone Star waiting for me on the bar with the cap ready to be solved. Gone also are the nights of tripping home just a couple blocks. In fact, when I drove past the corner of Mandell and Branard where I once annoyed neighbors with late night Rock Band howling, the corner complex was nowhere to be found. Demolished. It was indeed a sobering sight… not that I needed to be sobered, Mr. Officer.


Tea Jones had a genius idea this week. We need to go check out the Thursday night BINGO game in the Heights (read above, I’m in the Heights a lot…). There are two things that will absolutely ruin any chance of enjoying an outing with the septuagenarians though. One is being late. The other is a torrential rainstorm. The two of them together spells disaster. After arriving “just on time” to the lodge on 15th and Beall Street, I contemplated just going home. Having already taken a shower earlier, it didn’t seem necessary to exit the safety of my car to run a quarter mile. There is a theory though, that it will get worse before it gets better, so I put on my best Usain Bolt face and made haste. No such luck. The doors were bursting with people held out of the first round to wait. Instead, we decide that it’s best to leave the somewhat safe awning and make way for food, Berry Hill to be exact. We have been foiled, only to eat food served in foil. Thursday has to mark the most soaked I’ve been outside of the bathtub since the Sunday of Summerfest. Hopefully in the coming two weeks I’ll make the trip back out to BINGO night. Maybe I’ll be a bit early. Hopefully I’ll be more dry.


Back to the Fact, I’m the Mack and I Know That
After changing clothes and drying out on Thursday evening, I agreed to meet some friends at The Gallant Knight. When you wave the carrot of $1 beers and $1 cover in front of my nose, there’s a very slim chance that I’m not going to chomp at it. Every Thursday night through the rest of the summer until they decide to stop the it, Gallant Knight will be running the same promotion. Nobody knows that better than the kiddos on Summer vacation from college. I don’t want to say that I felt old while leaning against the wall of Gallant Knight double-fisting Miller Lites, but I definitely felt pervy. Assuring were the tunes when Us3’s Cantaloop came across the speakers. Those kids had no idea what that jam was let alone every single word (see this paragraph’s title). Groovy, groovy, jazzy, funk, pounce, ounce… ok, I’ll save you the rest. But one productive thing came out of the evening (as if only spending $16 on a bar tab of $1 beers can’t be considered productive), The Loop Scoop was asked to partner with RedBuds for their September bachelor and bachelorette auction. No, I wasn’t asked to be one of those pimped out. Yes, my ego may still be a little bruised.


Who Needs Lunch When There is Beer?
In an attempt to make up for his ill-fated invite to BINGO, Tea Jones decided that he would extend apologies by inviting me out to Petrol Station on Saturday afternoon. I can hear Marc’s stomach groaning from here. That Rancor burger haunts him on any given day. Unfortunately for me, too much coffee early in the morning stunted my appetite. As Mr. Jones and his fiance caught me up about the life and times of people who have normal relationships, I tried beer after beer (after beer… only three, people; give me a break), from the always potent selection at Petrol. Sitting there for two hours or so, Tea and fiance tried to struggle through the massive portions of the meatloaf sandwich and Reuben. Seeing them get through only half of each was comforting to my stomach, already being loosened by some summer wheat beer. When people started walking passed us carrying heavy jugs we started questioning things a little bit. I recognized them as growlers, but that didn’t explain what was really going on. Can you bring up your empty jug to be filled with beer from the taps of Petrol Station? Obviously, the answer is yes. This changes everything. Someone get me a growler STAT.

— Paul


Big_Hitter — Monday, July 26, 2010 8:04 pm

I think Petrol just (today) got a shipment of growlers.

Non-Dater — Wednesday, July 28, 2010 2:31 pm

Looking forward to the RedBuds September auction, but for now, I will focus on $1 beers at Gallant Knight.

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