August 30th, 2010

The Week That Was 8.29.10

Here we go, jumping off into a new week with a National Holiday looming like a unicorn on a hill framed by the sunset ready to take us to the promised land. Three-day weekends are great. The only thing better than them is the fact that football season begins next weekend. Oh, how I adore thee, college football.

Getting Mezzy
Our kickball team has taken to visiting the Mezzanine Lounge win or lose after our games. It helps that we’re comped a pitcher just for being registered Sports Monkeys. It happens to be poker night on Thursdays, so when our sweaty team arrives we make our way upstairs to stay out of the way of the chips and antes. A couple of post-kickball drinks on a Thursday night are just what the doctor ordered. We all need a little something to dull the pain of sliding into first and defeat… mostly defeat, however. Thankfully our team doesn’t take the losses too hard. In our hearts we’re winners. I’ll keep telling myself that until five minutes before game time this Thursday.

Pick ‘Em Up to Knock ‘Em Down
I happen to be a pretty selfish person. That doesn’t mean that I’m the kind of dude that steals the last kolache from the break room, it means that I’m not going to be the kind of person to pledge a year of my life and craft to the less fortunate in Kenya. Then again, I’m pretty sure they don’t need fledgling blog writers. John Ramsey, a lawyer moonlighting as a comic (or is it the other way around?), put together a benefit show for his upcoming trip to Kenya. A three-comedian attack of Barrett Goldsmith, Bob Biggerstaff and Ramsey took the stage at Mosaic Theatre in front of family, friends and laugh seekers to raise money for his philanthropy work he’ll be doing for IJM (International Justice Mission) on Friday night. The show started off with some of Ramsey’s comedic short films and bounced right into the stand-up routines. After the laughs, John took the stage one last time to explain the commitment to IJM in Kenya. I’ll be following along as he blogs during his year-long stint for two reasons: 1) because I just can’t fathom doing it myself and 2) IJM’s commitment to human rights is something that deserves support.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes
Tearing up the dance floor on any given weekend usually isn’t the first thing to cross my brain. Consider it in the same realm as my thoughts on karaoke: Once every couple of months is fine, but once a year would be better. With that out of the way, allow me to attempt to justify my twinkle toes on Saturday night… My friends, Snap! put it best, “if the groove don’t get you the rhyme flow’s gonna.” Out at Vintage for a birthday party I basically had no choice. I’ve been trying out this new thing lately called “quitting smoking” and I’ve found one of the best ways to do this is not just stand around in a corner outside sulking. You know what? It actually works. Dancing happens to be a good excuse to keep out of the reach of the mighty tobacco. Now, as far as my moves are concerned… I have no excuse for them at all.

RDG is Walking and Talking
With the new location, and I suppose the new restaurant, recently passing up the one-year mark, RDG and Bar Annie celebrated fittingly on Sunday afternoon. They closed down the restaurant for a private party serving up hors d’oeuvres and drinks to their friends. It’s interesting to walk into the usually bustling restaurant and be greeted by a completely different vibe than your used to. The tables, broken down and hidden away, gave way for a potential dance floor even though the stylings of the Spin Doctors didn’t get the jitterbug itching. Fried trout with spicy mayonnaise, scallop sausage and a host of other plates circled around the room of chatty guests to return almost immediately emptied of their contents. Hopefully RDG makes it a habit of celebrating their birthday because I would surely like to make a habit of showing up without a present.


— Paul


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