September 13th, 2010

The Week That Was 9.12.10

Even if you didn’t have the best week at work, this weekend sure did pull it’s weight; especially if you’re a football fan. All of our Houston teams won. The Cougars destroyed the Miners in their first nationally televised game of the year. The Texans discovered that controlling the clock with the running game is exactly how to defeat Peyton Manning and the Colts. Even the Rice Owls managed a one-point win over the lowly (sorry, Richard) Mean Green of North Texas.

All of that football means one thing, however. A lot of things were done (and not done at all) revolving around seeing games live and/or shoring up the armchair for ten hours of pig skin. Yes, football season is a great time of the year. It means that Fall is right around the corner, but it also means that each new The Week That Was will have less “… and that’s why I enjoy the craftsmanship of a Manhattan…” and more “… I knocked over a table full of empty beer pitchers after Kris Brown (at least he’s gone) missed another field goal to the left…” stories.


The Antidote for Sleeplessness
Antidote, one of our favorite Heights coffee shops, is the new choice for meeting up to discuss The Loop Scoop “business.” I misused quotation marks there because, “business” isn’t really business at all. It’s mostly time where we get together to make fun of each other and brainstorm some of the worst article concepts you can imagine. If you’re ready to read a “Top Ten Articles of Places Never to Take a Public Poop,” then you’re probably going to be disappointed that it got shot down on Tuesday night. Antidote is an antidote for many things surrounding our lack of creativity, but it certainly is not the fixer for mild insomnia. After years of drinking coffee after 8:00PM I thought I could just jump back into the old practice. As Lee Corso says on Saturday mornings, “not so fast, my friend.” [Football Reference #1]


Taming the World Wide Leader
When you don’t have that program tradition that other state schools do, you have to do some silly things for attention from ESPN. One of those things happens to be kicking off on a Friday night at 9:30PM instead of a Saturday, which God obviously chose to be a day for college football on the 11th day of Creation. The problem with such a late time is that it gives people too many opportunities to fill up their cup at the keg before heading into the game. This leads to two things, people too drunk too soon and your kegs getting floated while the people not concentrating on a hasty inebriation are getting gyped out of the beer they paid for (yeah, that’s me). Either way, I know that some of this staff will disagree with me, but waiting until 1:30AM for the final whistle of a blowout game between University of Houston and UTEP was just too long. Give me back my 11:00AM games. [Football References #2 through #6]


New Pasión: Zarzuelas & Boleros
This past Friday lured my wife and I to the Opera in the Heights on 17th Street and Heights Boulevard. What initially interested us as being a close reasonably priced event, quickly turned in to an engaging musical portrayal, the kind of which neither of us had experienced before. Opera in the Heights teamed up with Talento Bilingüe de Houston to perform several short pieces taken from various Spanish operas and Mexican and Puerto Rican Folk classics. Even to my untrained American ear the tunes came across as fun and flirtatious on that humid night, the subtitles of course helped. By evening’s end with everyone around us singing the timeless songs as they were performed on stage, I wished only that I knew them as well. The passion for revelry was undeniable on that night.


Fun with Fiction
The best part about UH’s Friday night kickoff was that it left me free to enjoy all the games on Saturday, or so I thought. Instead, I was met with a list of errands and chores to take care of. Unfortunately, none of them involved sitting on my couch and watching football. By the time the West Coast games rolled around, a group of us tried to agree on a place where the women would be entertained and the men could watch football. For some reason, we settled on Pub Fiction in Midtown. Though they had enough tv’s to catch all the games, we were the only ones interested in watching the games. Mostly, people were there to see and be seen, which was funny considering I was wearing a Case Keenum jersey and jorts.Pub Fiction is a little too much of a meat market for me, but if you’re looking to score more than Oregon did this weekend, it should be at the top of your list. [Football References #7 through #21]


Don’t Forget!
Today is the last day we’ll be accepting submissions for our Lone Star Beer Bash at the Brewery Ticket Giveaway. We would shorten that to “LSSBBatBTG” but that just seems atrocious. Send us your 100-word stories to about your favorite Lone Star Beer memory (or non-memory) to win. We’re giving away five sets of two tickets tomorrow.

— Paul


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