September 20th, 2010

The Week That Was 9.19.10

Is it just me or are there a preponderance of birthdays in September? It would make sense to me that birthdays would be equally spread out amongst the months, but in the case of my friends the month of parental love-n-stuff must have been January. Maybe I’m just keyed into this September theory because my own birthday happens to fall in it. I’m only aware of all these other birthdays because I don’t want to share any of the glory with other people. That sounds about right.


CoCo’s Hard Days Night
Wednesday was scheduled for all The Loop Scoop all the time. I had the pleasure of meeting with two potential writers that you may be hearing/seeing very soon on this site. The first happened at CoCo’s Crepes in Midtown. The only other time I had gone was last year for a PB&J crepe. This time I was concentrating more on the consumption of coffee rather than crepes. After an hour chat I had to make way over to Cafe Brasil for the second meeting. Where to sit is always a toss up when conversation is the focus of the night. Sit inside and you might be drowned out by the band. Sit outside and you might find yourself being shushed by the crowd wanting to watch a movie. We found ourselves outside fighting against the last minutes of A Hard Days Night. It’s nice to see that Rated X can take a step away from the anime and foreign language flicks for a tryst with the Beatles’ classic film.


Volcanic Blues
With a solid three hours of shop talk under my belt, I made my way to Under the Volcano for a cold beer and some hot blues. A friend of mine assured me that I would love to catch the set being played by John Egan in the corner of the small bar. I missed most of the act, but caught the last handful of songs. It was at that very gig, that Egan had recorded his next album due to be mixed over the next couple months. Unfortunately, when I buy it I won’t be able to hear my own raucous applause in the crowd noise. As addressed in the introduction, my narcissism knows no bounds. We’ll keep tabs on the status of the album and will let you know when it’s ready for purchase. This is just one of the little things we like to do for you around here.


A Dollar Goes a Long Way
Going back to birthdays, on Thursday after rallying on the kickball field and pulling out a victory the next item on my itinerary had me at Gallant Knight for a friend’s celebration. Having only a one dollar cover and dollar domestic longnecks was an extra draw to attend the birthday party. It was a memorable night, but not for the right reasons. It wasn’t because I was cutting up the rug in front of the live band. It wasn’t because I took full advantage of the discounted beer. No, those things didn’t happen. I did, however, get my ass grabbed… by a dude. Now, I don’t know what the usual reaction is to this kind of thing. It was the first such instance in my life that I was objectified to the point of just being a rump to fondle. All I could do was turn around, stare at the offender as he looked down and scurried away and turn to my friend to tell him what just happened. Sadly, this is one of the most interesting things that has happened to me in a month, if you quantify “interesting” as “a story that you tell over and over.” So, here’s to you dude that pinched my butt. Thanks for giving me something to talk about.


Tacos, Tops and Tussles
Birthdays are always worthy of celebration. Even though mine is one of those non-descript years leading up to a “Big [blank] O” birthday, my friends still decided to honor my request of meeting up for a few drinks at one of my favorite bars. Food was called for before the evening of revelry, so Richard, his wife and I decided take on Tacos a Go-Go for a bite to eat. Two barbacoa and one steak fajita taco later, I was raring for a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon at Shoeshine Charlie’s Big Top. As my friends slowly started to filter in the pyramid of PBR started to build up in front of me. Allison Fisher [not pictured] provided the soundtrack to the birthday party. Her music was a pleasant surprise to the evening, but the dancing being done by the leather-clad bikers right in front of the band was even better.


At some point, the call of Glitter was upon us. We slowly began to heed it, one by one. We piled into our cars to drive down to the karaoke joint, having decided that a three-quarter mile walk was just too much to take on. Unfortunately, this gave us enough time to make it on the set list at Glitter. I say unfortunately, because the version of “You Oughtta Know” that a friend and I performed left much to be desired. Also leaving a lot on the table was seeing two patrons get the snot beat out of them at the end of the night. Note to drunk guys: Don’t urinate in the hallway of Glitter and then have the audacity to turn and aim it at a girl that walks up on you. Note to drunk guys’ friends: Don’t try to save your buddy when he gets thrown to the ground. You’re drunk as well and in no condition to take on two, very large, sober bouncers. All you are asking for is a taste of the car parked on the side of the street and a few well placed punches to the noggin. Glitter is memorable each time I’ve been up there, unfortunately this night is one we won’t forget for all the wrong reasons.


We Ran Out of Beer (Stephan)
There’s no better way to celebrate a baby shower than to have said shower at a bar so that everyone present can watch the UT/Texas Tech game. Though we’re not the biggest fans of Sawyer Park their private clubhouse was the perfect space to watch the game with friends. That is, until they ran out of every beer on tap. Yes, you read that right, they ran out of every draft beer. The first sign of trouble was when they ran out of proper beer mugs, but I’m willing to let such heresy slide as long as the libations are flowing. Running out of draft beer though is a complete faux pas.

— Paul


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