September 27th, 2010

The Week that Was 9.26.10

Do you feel that? That, my friends, is what we like to call “fall.” I know, I know… It’s been a long time coming and you’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to wake up to temperatures below 70, but you’re going to have to take my word for it. In fact, if the weather reports are to be trusted – and they rarely are to be trusted – we’re looking at ten days of cool mornings and bearable afternoons in the mid 80s. How’s that for making us eat our own words?


I’ll Take Two for $400 (Paul)
I have something new to cross off my bucket list. After attending the RedBuds date auction at the Gallant Knight on Thursday night, I took my red sharpie and struck through “Go to Market; Bid on Meat.” The threads of dating dangled in the air all night. From my initial conversations with a friend-of-a-friend about being on to the auction itself, there was something at every turn to warn you against the life of a perpetual bachelor. For me, it was interesting to see young professionals bidding so lustily at the chance to win a date with one of their peers. In my estimation, it would have been easier to walk up to the potential life partner and ask them out instead of waving your hand frantically once the auctioneer asks if anyone is willing to bid $25 or more. Then again, it was all for charity, and the people of RedBuds pulled through, raising more money than any previous fundraiser. Good on them.


Welcome to the Circus (Paul)
A man of habit, I am. It should be no surprise to you that seven days after going to Big Top for my birthday, I pulled on the trunk that serves as the door knob to the bar and entered the maroon cave once more. I had run into my friend who plays lead guitar for Mike Stinson late on Thursday night while drinking a few cool down pints at Volcano and he told me that they had a gig at the bar the next night. I decided to bill it as a Birthday Party Redux for people that hadn’t made it out the previous week. Not that they bought me any birthday drinks (they didn’t). It turned out to be quite the replay, especially when Allison Fisher took the stage. My camera didn’t make it out of my holster a week ago due to the shaking of hands and accepting congratulations on yet another year of living. This time around, I made sure to grab a couple shots as Honky Tonk met Bluegrass underneath the plush, red heart above the Big Top stage.


Sugarcane Tooth (Paul)
Last week I mentioned in this column that there are a ton of September birthdays. Well, Saturday night bolstered that argument. A good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday at Sugarcane. I pulled up about an hour late for the festivities. Honestly, I shouldn’t count things by way of ticks on a clock’s face. How about this: I pulled up about two drinks and a shot late for the festivities? This time around, the cocktails were avoided and I ordered fromSugarcane’s local beer menu. Switching back and forth between the Saint Arnold Elissa and Real Ale Brewhouse Brown, I found my cruising speed to fall in line with the rest of the party-goers. For a Saturday night there were few people other than our celebrants at Sugarcane. Actually, I would dare to say there wouldn’t have been more than twenty people sipping watermelon cocktails if it hadn’t been for my friend choosing the location. Perhaps that’s just projected hubris, but I’ve got to be firm and stand by it.


Saturday’s a Rugby Day! (Richard)
Once a year schools everywhere have that one weekend of nostalgia built in to the academic and extracurricular schedules, bringing the past back in its finest form—Alumni Weekend. Luring back 35 ex-ruggers, to my alma mater in Denton, and mixing them in with 45 or so current ruggers can, and will, bring a level of nuttiness that one can never quite prepare for. With an 80 minute match on Saturday kicking off the day’s festivities, the pace was set. Knocking off the rust and being reminded that you never really had the skill you thought you did, help to jump start the reminiscing long before the post game regalement. That evening after the match, all parties involved gathered to revel and sing the songs that come with the sport well into the darkness of night. Having made it back to Houston on Sunday in one piece, I may or may not be grateful that alumni weekends are reserved but once a year. In any case, it was a great time.


Are You My Fally? (Paul)
Last night I took to the Village to grab a beer or three. Little did I know that I would be venturing out into one of the most pleasant evenings I’ve had in a long time. Around seven o’clock the wind had picked up. It was so forceful that I thought that someone was trying to knock down my door. Thinking that it was just a thunderstorm about to roll through I shut it out of my mind and continued watching the best of what fall has to offer: Football. By the time I made it out to Ginger Man the temperature had dipped. Nothing that was shiver-inducing by any means, but more comfortable than I could have hoped for. After getting used to sweating from the time I wake up until the wee hours of the morning only to do it all over again, the climate change couldn’t come at a better time. Oh, the leaves will be changing soon (from green to brown). The birds will set course for the South (they’re already here). And the polar bears will be coming out of hibernation (polar WHAT?!). It truly is an exciting time of year. Stores, you officially have my blessing to sell me a pumpkin.

Backstreet’s Back (Marc)
Houston isn’t known as a mecca of Vegetarian cuisine. As a matter of fact, it can be downright difficult to find a single vegetarian entree at more than a few restaurants in town. This is only important because we had plans to celebrate birthday on Saturday and the birthday girl doesn’t eat meat. After much deliberation, we ended up at Backstreet Cafe for an eight o’clock reservation. The restaurant, sandwhiched between Shepherd and McDuffie, is a little cramped, but the food was excellent and after a bit of a wait, the service was top notch. Boasting a full vegetarian menu, Backstreet does more than just pay lip service to those who deny themselves the pleasures of the flesh, which is a refreshing change. Don’t get me wrong, they still put together some top notch meat dishes as well. The coffee crusted beef tenderloin and the crispy duck breast were the stars of the night, aside from the Birthday girl, of course.

— Paul


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So YOU drank all the Elissa!!!

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