March 1st, 2010

Titillating Tipples: An Old Favorite the Old Fashioned

Much in the same vein as “The First Sip,” we’re going to start running a regular column glorifying the art of the cocktail. Our new author is the one and only Mindy. You can find her honing her craft or crafting your buzz at Anvil – Bar & Refuge on Monday nights. For those of you looking to discover a drink other than your typical Jack and Coke, you’ll find it here. Others, with aspirations of becoming a mixologist, may find some tricks to help you earn your degree. We’re quite sure that no matter what you’re looking for, you will enjoy this tryst with our newest “barlesque” contributor.

In the spirit of firsts, I would like to write about Paul’s inaugural drink of the night. Whenever Paul visits me at Anvil on Mondays, his first tipple of the evening is always an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Glass of Contents:
2 Ounces rye, bourbon, or cognac
1 Barspoon turbinado simple syrup (or one turbinado sugar cube and a splash of water to dilute sugar)
2 Dashes Angostura bitters
1 Orange coin to muddle
1 Orange wedge for garnish


We make our Old Fashioned not by using an orange slice, as commonly practiced, but by using a piece of the orange skin called an orange coin. Place the coin in the bottom of a rocks glass with a barspoon of turbinado simple syrup and two dashes of trusty Angostura bitters.

Use your favorite muddler, mine just happens to be a TAG Bar muddler designed by Tony Abou-Ganim and stylized after the sensual curves of a woman, to muddle the orange coin with the bitters and syrup. You will be releasing the bright oil from the orange rind and letting the aromatic bitters embrace the aroma like two lovers.

After muddling, pour two ounces of your favorite brown spirit, Paul likes Rye Whiskey while I favor Cognac, atop the blooming love affair in the bottom of your glass. Add ice and stir with a nice barspoon. This will dilute the mixture just enough to soften the edges of whichever aged spirit you choose.

Fill the glass with a bit more ice and garnish with an orange slice.

I personally like to serve my Old Fashioned with a smile and a wink, but you can serve it however you like.

Hopefully I will see you on Mindy Monday at Anvil, asking for an Old Fashioned with Paul.

- Mindy

[Follow Mindy on Twitter @drinkswmindy or, better yet, catch her up at Anvil on Mindays]

— The Loop Scoop


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