November 22nd, 2010

Via Colori: A Photo Essay

Via Colori happened this weekend downtown by Sam Houston Park. I couldn’t make it to both days of the affair, but I managed to make some time before I wasted my time watching the Houston Texans find new and inventive ways to lose games with under a minute to go.


Benefiting the Center for Hearing and Speech Houston businesses, schools and regular folk alike sponsored artistic creations on the pavement. Everything from simple geometric shapes to ornate, even photo-like depictions of children found their form on the Houston streets.


Most of the works were not complete by the time I rolled in on a very windy morning. Some artists were toiling on top of cardboard with pastels in hand trying to fill in their squares. Others were nowhere to be found. A rest certainly earned after a whole day of chalking on Saturday.


You wouldn’t think that the bumpy canvas of concrete and asphalt would prove to be an easy medium to master, but the artists certainly made it look simple to conquer. It made me thank that I only pretend to be a writer/photographer on the interwebz.


You can practically hear the baby’s laughter…


…and feel the scornful stare tear through your skin.


There were copycats ranging from works of Van Gogh self portraits to the above rendition of Banksy’s girl with balloon. Street art mimicked in street art… My brain just exploded a little.


Super Mario Bros. 3 anyone? Someone better break out the SNES real quick.  I was always more of a Luigi fan myself. Green just happens to be a far superior color to red, that’s all.


Even the local school districts were in on the action. Seemingly each from Awty to Katy had a square to fill in.


This artist is literally detailing each hair in this child’s head. Most. Exciting. Job. Ever.


And here’s Johnny…

… and there goes Paul.

— Paul


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