November 18th, 2009

Westheimer Block Party: For the Love of Music

In 6 Words: Finality, Jedi's, Westheimer, Festival, Ginormous, Hugs

All good things must come to an end. More times than not the end marks a new beginning. Omar Afra, managing editor of Free Press Houston, has said that “this will be the last Westheimer Block Party.” As FPH is the sole proprietor of the Block Party we have no choice but to believe him. However, with this news of finality there is a spark of hope: The rebirth of the Westheimer Street Festival.

In Houston we love our causes. This one is a lofty challenge. Afra and Free Press Houston are asking for the city’s support so the festival can live again. They will be “forming a non-profit to meet this challenge which will be made up of only Jedi’s who have an unyielding love for arts and music.” If you’ve brushed up on your use of the force we suggest you join them in their fight against the powers of the Dark Side.

For now, all we can do is offer our homage to the final Westheimer Block Party in photo essay form. Good bye, good friend… for now:













If these images don’t serve as a call to action, I don’t know what will. Free Press Houston is planning on crashing the first city council open session over which the new mayor presides. They are asking for 500+ in attendance to make their case for closing down the streets and letting Houston open up their hearts to the music and art.

Oh, and Afra’s announcement that Summer Fest is going to be “ginormous” in 2010 is absolutely titillating. You may have read how much we enjoyed the inaugural event this past summer (here and here). It was safe to say that we would be attending this year with or without being teased six months in advance about a big name act coming.

[Head to Flickr for the original photos of the Westhimer Block Party and a big "thank you" to Michelle for the photos]

— Paul


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