January 31st, 2011

What’d We Miss 1.31.11

I don’t know about you, but I’m in desperate need of a nap right now. I guess I will be settling for some good ol’ fashioned internet mind-numbing. Let’s get into the links that were important (and probably not important at all) from last week.

This goes along pretty well with the 10 Verbal Habits to Quit “article” that we published last week. A moratorium on the use of smiley faces (after insults) is something that I’ve been calling for since the advent of the interwebz. I don’t even smile in real life, what makes you think I want to crack on on gchat?

We referenced the beginning of the new IFC show, Portlandia, a couple weeks ago. It’s only logical that we would follow that up with a link to an interview with Fred Armisen about the show. Why yes, this show could exist in Austin. I thought you would never ask.

Space Invader Couch? Space Invader Couch! (Scroll down a little bit.)

Do we have any hockey fans out there? How about comic book fans? If you didn’t think the two fan bases went together, you were sorely wrong. The NHL launched The Guardian Project (facebook album or direct link) associating a comic-crusader to each of the teams. If you were hoping that each Guardian had their own comic book, you’re in luck. They do. As a Flyers fan, I stand behind the “ten evil Ben Franklins robbing an armored car” routine.

The sculptor responsible for the art installments outside of Bush Intercontinental, Dennis Oppenheim, passed away last week.

And, Sew Crafty had to shut its doors.

We’re still trying to get more smarter by reading Troy Gattis’ Houston Strategies. Last week he sent us to an article by the Urbanophile about Houston’s ranking in freeway lane miles per capita. Ah, but does that same measurement take into account the number of freeway lane miles under construction per calendar year?

No, I did not know you could do this with Google Docs. Thank you, Houston’s Clear Thinkers.

We usually try to focus on the experience more than the food when we go to (and write about) restaurants in Houston. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take this post by Ideas in Food to heart.

— Paul


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