October 3rd, 2011

What’d We Miss: 10.03.11 Weekly Reader

Someone overslept this morning. Not finger pointing, please. The blame game is a waste of precious air. Take that to the politicians and snippy restaurant patrons. Slow down there, you’re tangent hopping. Fair enough. Let’s just get to what we missed last week.

Does he always hold conversations with himself?


[Paul's Photo from Free Parking: Cherryhurst Park]

Loopster Live: Houston Press’ BestFest 2011
Alexander hit Houston Press’ inaugural Best Fest coming away with almost nothing but good things. Enthusiasm’s high, but he’s got no mind for sugar coating. It’s the first year, minor flaws were present—that and we’re still not sure why Cake was there.

Staff Notes and Photos: Steel Doesn’t Sink
Paul’s been needing a change up in the routine for a while now. Like my old man used to say, “If you’re bored, it’s your own damn fault. Find something to do, lest you be called dumb.” Paul did just that. Nothing cures the restless spirit like a walkabout.

Free Parking: Cherryhurst Park
And on that same note, during Paul’s travels he came upon a park. Cherryhurst Park, if you must know—a lush greenspace nestled in Montrose. So there’re no snake pits or grilling apparatusessss, there are undulated sidewalks and some of the most beautiful old oak trees in all of Houston.

Street Art of the Week: Voting Wars
Dick or Pool? Pool or Dick? Who can say at this point. In the mean time, the in between time—Shreddi might anthropomorphize a certain candidate’s name. Hopefully O Texano will have more luck in capturing those instances.

Speaking of Dick…

Everyone’s tired of Dick. Bing, Bang, Boob, Caught Your Face on the Tube. Houston Holds the Remains of Spartacus. A Renior is Like a Soul Mate. And finally, McFatterson Frequents Houston, Prefers Dallas and El Paso. Them’s just a few of last week’s headlines. Read at your own risk.

Listomania: Ten Ways to Avoid a “Man Talk”
Men don’t talk. The concept isn’t in their blood. Their dads learned from their dads who learned from the wolves that raised them that your feelings need to be balled up, burned and buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa. Should the need to talk ever arise, Richard and Paul offer some advice.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 83)
Solved fairly easily by Cameron.

An Election Where Your Vote Really Does Count: The Manhattan Short Film Festival Comes To Houston
The first piece by Loop Scoop Contributor Abby K., followed her interview with the Screenplay Director for The Manhattan Short Film Festival, Tom See. His top picks were either ‘A Doctor’s Job’ or ‘The Legend of Beaver Dam’. Did you go? Do you agree?

Photo of the Week: Gary Clark Jr.
Groovehouse captured the scene as Gary Clark Jr. performed at Discovery Green on Thursday, September 15, 2011. Drink it up, folks.

— The Loop Scoop


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