October 17th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 10.17.11 Weekly Reader

As we look to put another week’s hash-mark on the prison walls of our solitude, it’s only fair to look back on everything that was accomplished last week. There was theater. There was music. There was life. Too poignant for you on this Monday morning? Tough cookies.

[Photo by Paul of Liam Finn at Warehouse Live]

Catastrophic Theatre: There Is a Happiness that Morning Is by Kerri
Kerri is our resident theatre expert, so when she likes something you better listen. She’s a pretty big fan of what Catastrophic Theatre has to offer, and her last experience was no different. Check out the poetry of William Blake stuck between the lines of this stage performance while you can.

Staff Notes and Photos: This Seems Safe by Stephan
Some people are just greedy. One A/C window unit is not enough. They need two and they need them NOW. While we give points for improvisation in hauling to this Houston traveler, it just can’t be that safe. Did you see?

H-Town Showdown: #4 Zelko Bistro vs. #1 Hubcap Grill
Have you voted yet? Can you even make a true choice? Life is full of hard decisions and this is definitely one of them. There are so many people that love both of these restaurants. Who will you vote into the quarter finals of our Showdown bracket?

Loopster Live: Toro y Moi at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
Saturday night’s for fighting. Sunday night’s for live music. If you’re Paul. He got to see Toro y Moi last week. Thankfully they didn’t cancel their Houston tour date this time around. He walked into a chillwave dance party and love every minute of it.

Street Art of the Week: Happy Birthday
There isn’t an eye in Houston that can avoid Coolidge. His art is undeniably fun. It doesn’t take much thinking to “get,” which happens to be a good thing. Have you seen this dino with the birthday hat on yet? Well, besides in our photo I mean.

Loopster Live: Cowboy Mouth and Candlebox at Warehouse Live by Alexander
A pairing of bands from the 90s. An odd pairing, at that. Alexander was there to take it all in. From the faux-ridicule of the fans by Cowboy Mouth and their rock-party vibe to the harder stuff by Candlebox, he documented it all. Were you there? We’ve got you covered.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 85)
Ok, sure. It’s a farmer’s market, but is anybody positive of which one? Mary got it with the first guess. Nicki reinforced the answer. Richard has since verified it. Good work, Loopsters. By the way, Episode 84 has continued to elude your grasp. Shameshameshame.

Photo of the Week: These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For
We’re nerd over here. We can deal with that. Star Wars is one of those things that we’re not willing to let go of… and it seems that the Health Museum doesn’t want to either. This photo is from their exhibit. Have you been through your light saber training?

Loopster Live: Liam Finn at Warehouse Live by Paul
You probably didn’t see this article since it was published on Friday at 7:00PM. That’s our fault. Now it’s your turn to make sure you read it. A lot of hard work went into it. By that we mean, Liam Finn and his band played their butts off on Thursday night and you owe it to him to become a fan.

— The Loop Scoop


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