October 24th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 10.23.11 Weekly Reader

Welcome back to the real world, Loopsters. We’re hoping this Monday is a fruitful one for you and yours. Personally, we don’t really want to be at work at all. Then again, that’s not much of a change from any other Monday.

[Photo by Paul for Sarah's Plonk Wine Bistro review]

Houston Helps: Child Advocates Houston
Just in time for their chili cook-off last weekend, we told you about the great things that Child Advocates Houston is doing. Do you have what it takes to get involved? Yes, in fact you do. Will you get motivated? Let’s hope so.

Staff Notes and Photos: Farmer’s Market Fanatics by Stephan
Need some fresh produce or a fresh take on cuisine? You haven’t to many of the farmer’s markets around town, have you. Time to change that. Let Stephan’s photo of the City Hall Farmer’s Market lead you to the promised land.

Tutankhamen: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs by Jesse Kantu
Jesse is becoming a more and more regular contributor. We’re glad, because the art galleries and museums around town were really needing more plugging on The Loop Scoop. Check out his latest effort on the big draw: The King Tut exhibit at the MFAH. You’re going to want to see this one.

Street Art of the Week: Stop Clowning Around
We were updated on this one. ToobCandee is the artist of this melting clown. Thank you, Irakli for the photo. Many a nightmare was inspired by your composition.

Plonk: A Sound Choice for a Wine Bistro by Sarah
Outside the loop? Yes, of course we venture outside… sometimes. Sarah found some inspiration at 43rd and Ella. It’s a great tale of life, love and food. Get out your road maps, you’re going to want to find your way to Plonk sometime soon.

Loopster Live: Judas Priest at the Woodlands Pavilion by Alexander
Heavy metal lives and definitely through these fantastic photos from Alexander. They are some of the best we’ve ever had the chance to publish to our site. If you’re not into music reviews, I bet you’re still going to love the visuals. Check ‘em out.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 86)
Solved or unsolved? We’re not quite sure. Does Marcus have the right answer? Pauldo hasn’t come home yet, so we’re guessing he still hasn’t been found.

Photo of the Week: Homecoming
The photo comes from Red Rooster, and being that we have two Cougars on the staff, it was the obvious choice for our photo of the week. The University of Houston ended up embarrassing Marshall 63-28. Case had six touchdown passes and became the FBS leader for total offense. It was a good night.

H-Town Showdown: #4 The Food Truck Fad vs. #1 Riding Out a Hurricane
Who will the winner of our “random” bracket be? The two are currently tied. Oh my! Will the juggernaut #1 seed be ousted? We’re on the edges of our seats.

— The Loop Scoop


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