October 10th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 10.9.11 Weekly Reader

The best way to start your week is to remember what happened last. That’s exactly what we’re doing again this morning. Here are the articles you may have missed or definitely want to re-read this morning. It’s good for the body. Wheaties for the brain.

[Photo by Richard from Sorrel Urban Bistro]

The McClain Gallery: Norman Bluhm’s Paintings 1967-74 by Jesse Kantu
Are all these Gallery articles lately blowing your mind? Hopefully. Jesse stopped by again last week to submit this article about the abstract artist Norman Bluhm. His works from 1967-74 are available right now at the McClain Gallery. Have you made your way there yet?

Staff Notes and Photos: Reach for the Sky by Paul
When Richard gave Paul the challenge of photographing public art around Houston, he didn’t have to go far to find some. In fact, the artwork is titled “Houston,” so it makes a perfect start to answering the challenge. Check it out. What’s your favorite sculpture/mural/otherwise in town?

H-Town Showdown: #2 Anvil Bar & Refuge vs. #1 Pearland Coffee Roasters
Currently, the suburban stronghold is ripping apart Houston’s favorite cocktailery. Will this be fixed? Only you can tell. Make sure to vote if you haven’t already.

Street Art of the Week: Ghost World
No, that’s not Space Invader jockeying for artistic position in Houston. It’s the work of Ghost Town. You’ve probably seen the tiles here and there, but did you ever pay as good attention as Irakli when they snapped this shot?

Sorrel Urban Bistro: Brisk Service Brings the Unmistakably Fresh by Richard
After a GPS mishap brought Richard and his family upon Sorrel instead of Ziggy’s they decided to try out the new spot. Of course, they were greeted with the most pleasant of surprises. Thanks for nothing Garmin. Actually, thanks for everything.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 84)
UNSOLVED!! We knew this was going to be a difficult puzzle to figure out. We haven’t given up on you just yet. Rack your brains, people.

Listomania: Ten Places We’re Ashamed We Haven’t Been
Zach, Richard and Paul are finally fessing up. After working on this website for a year, they’re willing to admit their shortcomings. Ten places they haven’t been await you on the link. Go ahead and pile on. Give them more spots they should have already gone to.

Photo of the Week: As I Was Walking I Caught a Jaguar Running
Now a Photo of the Week regular, Bryan Dawson found his way to publication again. This eye-popping photo of a jaguar hood ornament was our pick for the pic of the week.

The Original Greek Festival: Up with OPA! by Richard and Paul
Opening night is always a fun time to catch a fest. This year’s Greek Festival is the same as it ever was… Which is exactly why you should’ve checked it out. If you missed it, check out our article and photos and pretend like you were there when the watercooler chat starts this morning.

— Paul


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