November 14th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 11.13.11 Weekly Reader

Had enough music yet? Good, because there’s more coming. This past week we found our way to multiple shows. Some electronica, some pop, some from local bands and some from bands across the oceans, all of it was swell.

[Photo of The Limousines at Fitzgerald's by Paul]

Loopster Live: Mates of State w/ Generationals at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
We started off our weekend with the wedded duo of Mates of State headlining a show that was opened by Generationals. We were a little pissed at the dude taking photos with his flash all night, but we didn’t let that ruin the pop experience.

Staff Notes and Photos: What the…? by Paul
Gary Busey is doing Houston Kia commercials? This is quite bizarre news for all of us. We asked you for some deliciously ironic commercials you’d like to see for Houston brands. Nobody responded, but still. It was fun.

Loopster Live: Architecture in Helsinki w/ Dom at Fitzgerald’s by Paul and Alexander
The music was great, but the true key to this show was the introduction of each and every song by Architecture in Helsinki. With lead-ins like “This song is about teenage boys playing soccer… or life on other planets. You decide,” we were looking forward to the descriptions more than the tunes at certain points.

Street Art of the Week: Undead Army
Shannon Reiswig provided the photo. Garro provided the art work. We will be on the lookout for this one. Mostly because we need to figure out a way to protect us from this growing skeleton army.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 89)
At Bubba’s. Duh!

Loopster Live: The Sounds w/ The Limousines at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
This was our “spontaneous concert” of the week. Paul could barely handle the sensory overload of lights and beats. The Limousines proved to us why they were so quick to rise to fame this year and The Sounds reinforced their pop stranglehold due mostly to Maja Ivarrson’s command of the stage and crowd.

Photo of the Week: Blue on Blue
Say thanks to laanba for this photo of Lake McGovern in Hermann Park. Hopefully it inspired you to take to Houston’s parks for the beautiful weekend we just had. Let’s hope for another coming up.

Friday Four Cents: Crisis Communications for the Cain Campaign by Alexander
With two grade school student council campaigns under his belt, Alexander is just the consultant that Herman Cain needs. Maybe it will help him from such dubious reknown as being the candidate advertising on YouTube classics such as “Where the White Women At?”.

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