November 28th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 11.27.11 Weekly Reader

Happy Thanksgiving! We might have forgotten to wish you one before. Did your time with family and friends treat you well? Did the gluttony of the holiday catch up to you? “Yes” on both counts?

We took Thursday and Friday off last week. Hopefully you did too. That puts a little short on content to share, but a rejuvenation for the coming weeks. Check out what you missed.

[Photo by Richard from Via Colori 2011]

We gave thanks for what we experienced this year…

Thanksgiving Special: We’re Damn Thankful for Houston
From our contributors to Houston’s sports teams to the heat and drought of the summer.

We wrote about the NEWS(coop)…

Knockarounds, Frozen Condoms, Giving, Fake Hairs, and Dark Times

Colons, Bombs, Warm Falls, Weak Inspectors, and Confederate Bans

We got literary on your ass…

Listomania: Buy the Book by Kerri and Paul
From the occult to the discounted and everything in between. Kerri came up with this idea for a list on Houston independent book retailers. Check out the options and call us out on some of what we missed like one commenter.

We experienced some very literal street art…

Via Colori 2011: A Photo Slideshow by Richard
It was our second time experiencing Via Colori. Richard made it out to the downtown event and provided us with a nifty slideshow of some of his favorite artwork, including Captain America seen above.

We dropped some photography on your noggin

Staff Notes and Photos: Old and New Garro by Paul
Skeleton army? Psshhaw. We take a look at some of Garro’s old portfolio and some of the new at the very same time.

Street Art of the Week: A Heart on for Montrose
Candace Garcia made our day with a photo of an anonymous artist’s work. We have to agree. We have a raging heart on for Montrose.

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