February 14th, 2011

What’d We Miss 2.14.11

Here we are again. Wasting away through another Monday, wondering what life has in store. That’s something I haven’t discovered yet, but I know the interspherez always have something to look at. That’s why I choose to spend my time looking at things that barely matter and others that don’t matter at all. Enjoy.

- Cheeya! You know ROYGBIV. Random colors random colors random colors random colors…

- Any Old 97’s fans out there? What if I told you there was a free Rhett Miller live show, bootleg to be had. It’s available to download from the band’s website if you so desire. Desire it we do. (Via Paste Magazine)

- Houston got itself a little bit of love from the LA Times last week. Some of our art attraction are a little bit off-beat and a lot a bit off the beaten path. We knew that already, but it’s always nice to see someone else throw some kudos at our city.

- You might know me from such hits as “Eats Too Much McDonald’s” and “Fourth Meal Taco Bell Blues”, but I’ve turned over a new leaf in 2011. Yes, I’m down with the “slow food” movement. Houston’s about to get a little bit slower. Relish Fine Foods will open in Spring of 2011 in River Oaks (3591 San Felipe). Support local. Revel in your meals. Slow it down. (Via Zulu Creative)

- Remember Crystal Pepsi? Josta? Surge?! Urlesque does

- Artist Alex Roulette is putting a twist on the usual oil paintings of American landscapes. That twist is a version of reality that is more than prevalent. Not unlike Banksy’s hijacking of “fine art”.

- Brad Bird, one of Pixar’s whizzes has quit animation. Well, not really. Watch and see. (Via GeekOSystem)

- Check out the first three tracks off of the upcoming Finnegan album. They’re on their facebook page.  Support your local music artists. Listen to the tunes. (Via @iheartfinnegan)

- I know what you are thinking: Why isn’t there a comprehensive list and ranking of all the Super Bowl commercials. Well, that’s why WithLeather is here to help. Make sure to check back to Hulu to keep up with what they’re talking about.

- What would a map of the world look like if each country was named after the people that discovered it? Wonder no more.

- The obvious conclusion to The Black Keys’ breakout into the popular conscious is a grindhouse-type movie trailer. “I’m pretty sure God would consider it a sin not to glorify that ass.” “I will get the information I want even if I have to stab it out of you.” Those lines and more. Honestly, I would be all over this movie.

- Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a nine year-old Tanzanian boy recount Commando, then that link is for you. If you’ve ever felt compelled to support those in need on the African continent, that link is also for you. It’s win-win.

- The 48 Hour Film Project is going to be happening in Houston this coming weekend. Make sure to have your entry ready to go. I’m actually helping out in some way yet to be determined with a group of film auteurs. No camera, screenplay writing or acting skills necessary (obviously).

— Paul


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