February 21st, 2011

What’d We Miss 2.21.11

Presidents Day. Or is it “President’s Day”… or even “Presidents’ Day”… You got me. All I know is that it is Monday again. Work or not, there is plenty of time to be wasted. That’s exactly what I’m doing and that’s what I’m going to recommend for you as well. Take two links and call me in the morning.

- Some of these photos are a bit NSFW, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out. You can usually get away with a little nudity in the name of art and photography. In her series entitled Back to the Future, Irina Werning takes her subjects back to yesteryear to recreate some of the photos that have been stuffed away in family albums long forgotten.

- Do you know what I love? Fans with too much time on their hands. This isn’t a Plinkett Review or anything, but if you really wanted cut and spliced extras put together for your viewing pleasure, then the video above is for you.

- We haven’t given Poland enough credit lately. Actually, we haven’t given Poland any credit, ever. That all changes today. Poland has some of the most badass movie posters we’ve ever seen. FilmDrunk made themselves a photo essay / gallery of a bunch of them. We recommend checking it out immediately.

- If you’re not watching Community then we can’t be friends. We don’t have enough time for me to talk at you as to why this show is my favorite on TV. From the creator to the writers to the actors, there isn’t a weak link. Take Dan Harmon’s recent release of a page of show script. See? An entire scene about farting? Sure, they didn’t shoot anything related to this for the show, but it just goes to show you that Community’s heart is in the right place.

- We do a lot of drinking. I should drag down the rest of the staff like that. I do a lot of drinking. But I don’t think I could hold a candle to the amount of drinking that Dan Dunn has managed in his life. The former spirits columnist for Playboy has a book, Living Loaded, about his life as a drinker. Living in the moment, especially those closest to last call, is the only way to go.

- Spirograph deserves to be a lot higher on this list of Amazing Toys from the 1990’s. Sure, I can understand SNES getting the top spot, but is that really a “toy” by itself? Pogs would definitely be my favorite of these eleven. What did Guyism miss?

- “I’m the king of this thing / look at the bling on my dome.” This year I’ve seen an inordinate amount of the movies nominated for the Academy Awards. For some reason, I would even accept the invitation for an Oscar party if one were to pop up. Don’t judge me. I feel invested. The above video is from The Daily What and is cool even if you haven’t seen The King’s Speech.

— Paul


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