February 28th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 2.28.11

I’m currently mourning the passing of the weekend. Where did all my time go? Two days and a couple hours on Friday have come and gone and I have nothing to show for it. If only I were a little bit more like Mr. Gnarlington himself, Charlie Sheen.

I’m as avid about Sheen’s trainwreck as I was about Tiger’s last year. Except for one thing: Sheen’s is ultimately more entertaining than anything Tiger Woods did. Instead of trying to hide his vices from the public, Sheen has thrown them in the face of the public. Cocaine? Hookers? Pornstars? Vatican warlocks? Bi-Winning? Any and all of the above. In fact, Charlie Sheen has done so many drugs, he claims to have become a drug. Awesome. The only thing better than this is when cats start quoting the man of the hour.

Yes, I feel a little bit dirty because of all this.

- You’ve undoubtedly seen this already, but it’s worth mentioning again. The Wall Street Journal took some time to take a look at one of the more eccentric collections in Houston. Katy’s Terracotta Warriors are each finding a new home thanks to freeway expansion. You might have missed your chance to own one of the miniature replicas. (Via @bigtkirk)

- Perhaps you have a subconscious desire to stay in Houston. There are a lot of reasons that you love the city and want to stay, especially close to the heart of town, but have you ever really thought of the advantages? Thankfully, people write books about that kind of thing. Triumph of the City is one such book. Author Edward Glaeser breaks down some of the economic benefits and history of the world’s growing urban centers. Worth the read? Probably. (Via @PubliusTX)

- As usual we’re reading Houston Strategies in the hopes that it will expand our minds. Last week they pointed us to The Wall Street Journal and some choice words about Houston TranStar. Say what you will about the congestion and traffic in Houston, but you don’t know what you’re missing elsewhere. That’s a good thing.

- When I think of “high-speed” I think “that’s exactly not how I would want my beer to be poured.” Foamy = Evil. Then again, viral videos don’t lie. That’s a perfect head. According to the Chron’s beer blog, the “Bottom’s Up” beer dispenser will be unveiled in Discovery Green by Aramark in April.

- Leopard Boy. ‘Nuff said.

- It feels like ages since Bobby wrote about cocktails on Drink Dogma… actually, it was August 2010 for Houston Press. Well, he’s back on his original site, finally. Now if we could just convince Mindy that her rightful place is behind a keyboard writing for us and not the bar at Anvil…

- Is HAR fudging their numbers from last year to make this year look a bit better? I’m not really sure. I’m allergic to numbers. I’ll leave the Houston real estate market up to the people over at Swamplot to discuss.

- If you were worried that our coverage on Houston Street Art was empowering to gangs around Houston, maybe you should consider yourself lucky that they don’t carry swords. If you watch the documentary linked to here, you’ll know that gangs were a bit more fierce back in the old days of New York.

- Presented without comment. (Via RatsOff)


- The “inversion house” strikes the interwebz.

- Undoubtedly, Kanye West’s latest album is epic. Only one thing could make it even more so. A symphony of cellos.

- Speaking of music, I dare you to listen to five seconds of every #1 song smashed together into one two long streams.

- And one more song… TV on the Radio’s new album comes out soon. To hold you over, here’s a little ditty straight from the recording studio. Nine Types of Light will hit stores on April 12th. Enjoy the above for now.

— Paul


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