February 7th, 2011

What’d We Miss 2.7.11

Another week in the books. Where do we turn now? Last week lent itself to a bit more procrastination than usual with the Iceocalypse and everything. We had to pare down some of today’s links because of it. If you can think of anything we missed and want to share leave it in the comments.

- Via the Caroline Collective, we just checked out this teaser trailer for Luminary, a documentary about light painting. check out the website for the movie for some more videos of this new style of art.

- Do you know what is guaranteed to not sell your home? Probably leaving your masturbation instruments out in the open for your realtor to accidentally photograph and post on your HAR.com listing. Well, Swamplot stumbled on to such a listing last week (pretty NSFW). I can’t help but be reminded of a certain Superbad scene (definitely NSFW). Don’t ask me why.

- We’re waiting on our favorite flyboy, Stephan, to be able to pull off a video much like this one. Subtract Los Angeles and please, dear God, omit the Sugarcult… How about a twilight landing sequence into Bush IAH set to Tyagaraja? Sounds perfect. (via The Daily What)

- Wait for it… Wait for it… Candy BAAAAAR!


- The above is pretty much how I view my life. (via The Daily What)

- Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts. I’m pretty sure that if our waste management and recycling systems were named that we would see a 300% increase in usage of those fancy green bins we’re all given. Austin is giving their residents a chance to vote on the new name of their recycling programs. Your move, Houston.

- Still feeling a bit empty due to the finale of LOST? Well, Richard is and he still has a lot of unanswered questions he needs to get cleared up so that he can get the closure he deserves. Turns out there’s a scientist out there dedicated to solving some of the problems that LOST pitted deep in your brainseed.

- Mickey Mantle has been a hero of many for a very long time. He is now a hero of mine.

- We all need a little more Jeff Bagwell to tote around on our chests. Thanks to Nike, we now get that opportunity. Check out the Cooperstown Heritage T-Shirt collection. Pretty sweet.

- Did you miss the Super Bowl? More importantly, did you miss all the advertisements during the Super Bowl? Hulu has you covered this morning. They have every commercial that aired last night. What was your favorite? It seems like the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad is a heavy favorite.

— Paul


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