April 18th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 4.17.11 Weekly Reader

We’ve been publishing a lot more content lately making it much more difficult for our weekly readers to catch up. Well, fret no more. We’re going to start publishing a new column on Mondays to help you keep up with our Houston domination. Welcome to the new “What’d We Miss.”


This will be included in our new column. We’ll call it our staff photo of the week. We feel bad each time we choose from one of our own for either the “Street Art of the Week” or “Photo of the Week,” so we’ll reserve this spot for ourselves choosing from our various photo exploits.

Photographer: Paul
Context: The tree that survived the blaze of Agora has gotten a new paint job. We’ll call it “(S)Tree(t) Art.”

On to the content…

This by Melissa James Gibson: Main Street Theater Company by Kerri
Playwright Melissa James Gibson has made a career out of word play. This intricately written play, winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, is currently being produced by Main Street Theater Company. Check out Kerri’s review and the play while it’s still running.

Stick ‘Em Up Screening at River Oaks Theater by Paul
We’ve been anxiously waiting the first screening of the Alex Luster directed Houston street art documentary. We weren’t disappointed when it finally hit the big screen. Be ready for more screenings soon.

The First Sip: Aging Beers 101 by Jeff
Did you get your hands on a six pack or two of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 11? Do you want to know if you should save some to age it? Check out Jeff’s handy guide to what beers you should age, for how long and why. There are a lot of good tips in there.

The Houston Zoo: Providing for Both Animals Wild and Civilized by Richard
It’s been too long since Richard visited the Houston Zoo. It’s probably been too long for you as well. With the new African Forest Exhibit, there’s at least one more reason why you should schedule a trip. Check out this photo essay riddled with some fun facts.

Street Art of the Week: Say that You Love Me
The unknown artist strikes again. Last week’s photo was taken by Hella. Add your street art finds to our flickr group.

Iron Sommelier 2011: Catching Up with The Periwinkle Foundation by Paul
Non-profiting can be a blast if you’re doing it the right way. Paul found out just how much fun you can have with The Periwinkle Foundation last week. Their once-every-two-years event, Iron Sommelier, was held at the Houston Country Club. Everyone was a winner. Even those that lost in the auctions.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 59)

Photo of the Week: A Shot of Color
It was our second shot of flora in a row chosen for the Photo of the Week. It was worth it. A photo from a new contributor, Simplybetrue, to the flickr group is always worth publishing.

Save the Date: The Silent Hint by X
Does ignoring the problem really make it go away? X thinks it might be effective, but definitely not the right way of going about such things. Your silent hints aren’t welcome here anymore.

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