April 25th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 4.24.11 Weekly Reader

We’ve been publishing a lot more content lately making it much more difficult for our weekly readers to catch up. Well, fret no more. We’re going to start publishing a new column on Mondays to help you keep up with our Houston domination. Welcome to the new “What’d We Miss.”


As You Like It: A Classical Theatre Company Production by Kerri
There have been a tear of theatre critiques in the past few months. Kerri found yet another favorite Houston company when she visited the As You Like It adaptation put on by the Classical Theatre Company and Prague Shakespeare Festival. Catch it while you still can.

Loopster Live: Trey Brown and Mission Dorado w/ The Small Sounds by Paul
CD release parties seem to come faster and furiouser in Houston lately. The lastest by Trey Brown and Mission Dorado has Paul fiending for more. The Small Sounds stole the show and the crowd last weekend. You should check out another, quite competent Houston band.

Street Art of the Week: Read Some Color
We’re not really sure if there’s a radar for Houston street art, but if there is one Read is flying under it. The photographer this week was o texano, just like it is every third week. He’s on the button. The shutter button, know what I’m sayin’?

Stoney McDougal: Not Just for Concert Reviews Anymore by Alexander
Yep, it was 4/20 last week. Post smokers united once again to pass the dutchie. Alexander tapped his friend, Stoney McDougal who has been providing poignant one-line concert reviews for The Loop Scoop to find out what his schedule for the smokers’ holiday.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 60)

Dear Houston: A Space Odyssey by Tea Jones
We’ve all been hearing a lot about how Houston was slighted when the powers that be decided to go elsewhere with the retired space shuttles. Nobody really cared to ask Houston about how she felt. Thankfully, Tea Jones dialed up his special red telephone to get our city’s opinion.

Photo of the Week: Hiring All Shi_ts, Demand for An_us Burgers Up
There’s nothing like a little marquis play to get the morning started. McDonald’s keeps on getting victimized in our Photo of the Week. Last time they were marketing An_us Burgers. This time they want to hire Shi_ts.

— The Loop Scoop


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