March 7th, 2011

What’d We Miss 3.5.11

Got that 2:30 feeling? You don’t need a 5hr Energy drink. You need some links to pass the time. Trust me. I’m a doctor.

Luckily for you, I spent most of last week skipping around the interspaces looking for ways to waste my time. Let me show you what I found.

- Haven’t you always wished that you had a way to outsource your prank calls via a turtle? Well, wish no more. There is a site called Turtle Calls that, for a price, will call a number of your choosing and talk to the person on the other end like only a turtle would.

- If it’s wrong to have a man-crush on Sam Rockwell’s dance moves, I don’t want to be right. (Vulture and Pajiba)

- I spent the last ten days dog sitting. Thank goodness it didn’t rain. I didn’t have one of these handy contraptions: A Dogbrella. An upside down umbrella for your dog. Start loading up the Spam. The end is nigh.

- Alert: There is a color code to the tags that keep your bread bags twisted shut. My mind just blowed up. Method to madness revealed.

- Mark the date: March 18th, New Strokes Album

- Angry Birds – Letters from the Front Lines by McSweeney’s. I recently conquered the full complement of Angry Birds levels on my phone. It was a sad day, honestly. Like beating my father in a game of driveway one-on-one for the first time, I cried openly.

- South by Southwest is right around the corner. What do you need to know to become South by South Best? Remember, if you’re around for Monday, March 14th, catch up with the Houston creative crew at their party.

- A couple weeks ago we showed you some of the sodas that didn’t cut the mustard to make it into the 21st century (though I think a couple of them were made with mustard). This week, it’s cereals that you won’t find anymore at the local Fiesta.


- Houston, I’m a bit disappointed in you. The only reason I woke up at the crack of dawn to photograph the Houston Marathon was to see some wacky, costumed runners. I saw exactly four and a half. Tokyo put you to shame. I bet more than half of the participants were dressed up by the looks of this WithLeather photo essay.

- My sister used to be a geek for any Disney animation. That made me a geek by proxy. You want to hear some songs from the Little Mermaid? It won’t take too much coaxing. Therefore, these Disney Dream Portraits are kind of amazing to me. (via Super Punch)

- One more link to McSweeney’s? Why the heck not. I’ve Been Told My LOLcat Captions Are Too Wordy

Obligatory Charlie Sheen Links

- You needed a Charlie Sheen soundboard to impress your co-workers. Trust me.

- Charlie Sheen as Vatican Warlock Assassin photoshops. You’re welcome.

- Charlie Sheen quote randomizer. Aren’t they all random?

- Charlie Sheen Pyramid of Greatness.

- Charlie Sheen – Winning (a fragrance for men).

- Sure, a million people followed @CharlieSheen in a little over a day setting a new Guinness World Record, but I still prefer @MosDef.

— Paul


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