May 16th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 5.15.11 Weekly Reader

It’s that time. We missed your eyes on our parts… articles, I mean. Catch up on anything and everything that you meant to read last week, but ran out of time for.


[Photo by Paul from Loopster Live: Wilco at Verizon Wireless Theater]

Loopster Live: Wilco at Verizon Wireless Theater by Marc
Indie rock’s prodigal sons made their first stop in Houston in seven years. Luckily, Marc had bought his tickets in advance. He might be old, but he stuck it out through the three-song encore to capture the full experience.

Loopster Live: Echo and the Bunnymen at Warehouse Live by Alexander
If you weren’t at Wilco, then there were good odds that you were at Echo. Alexander pulled the second half of The Loop Scoop’s concert double duty. Playing their first two albums from start to finish with an extended encore set list, Echo and the Bunnymen either gave you your money’s worth or tired you out completely with their musical marathon.

H-Town StrEATS: Focused on the Food by Paul
The food truck fad is here to stay. As such, Paul made his usual stop by Liberty Station to check out H-Town StrEATS anything-but-usual menu. A diverse list of dishes solidified this Houston truck’s “favorite” status with our writer. Hunt ‘em down.

Street Art of the Week
Our first photo by Irakli is also our first publishing of work by 666. Sounds so dark…

Houston Helps: Buster’s Friends
You need a pet. Buster’s Friends specializes in setting you up with the best of the available foster options. Check them out in their new location and support the cause.

H-Town Showdown: #4 Houston Food Truck Fad vs. #5 Houston Music Scene
We’re starting to get close to the end of the first round of our H-Town Showdown. After taking a week off, we hit you with a doozie of a match-up. The Food Trucks vs. The Music Scene. Can you even just pick one? Apparently you have to.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 63)
First up, first down, first correct. SOLVED!

Loopster Live: Pale CD Release at Warehouse Live by Alexander
We sat on this article for far too long. It was worth the wait, no? Houston band, Pale is pushing to make it to the big time. They think the record In the Time of Dangerous Men is their ticket. We don’t necessarily disagree, but Alexander was left feeling luke warm at the show.

Houston Bars and Some Such: Reminiscent of a Robert Earl Keen Song by Richard
Richard caught a little flack (read: one comment) about his list of places that remind him of REK’s tunes. Although we recognize the comment’s validity, we still think this list of places stands. We’ll have a response list for our commenter this week or next. Be prepared.

Photo of the Week: Wanted
This week’s photo was by O Texano. Check it out. Do you recognize anyone from this board? Let’s hope not.

Loopster Live: Buzzfest 26 by Alexander
What do we have here? More music commentary by Alexander? Why, of course it is. 94.5 the Buzz followed through with their 26th iteration of their music fest this year. Were you there to catch Social Distortion and Jane’s Addiction close out the night?

Haute Wheel Houston: A Loopster “How to” Guide
We will have a bit of commentary on our experience at Haute Wheels Houston later in the day. For now, check out what you think you missed out on (HINT: All was not as it appeared).

— The Loop Scoop


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