May 23rd, 2011

What’d We Miss: 5.22.11 Weekly Reader

We’re back in the saddle after the weekend. The best way we can think of to celebrate this fact is to go ahead and show you all we did last week. It’s a longing glance at the content we publish. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Here we go.

[Photo by Stephan from El Xuco Xicano]

Staff Notes and Photos: We’ll Meet You at the Y-M-C-Hey, Where’s Our Building?! by Imelda
If you haven’t noticed, a gaping hole is forming in downtown Houston. The YMCA is meeting it’s demise at the will of a backhoe and its operator. Imelda has our first photo of the destruction.

Haute Wheels Houston: The Good, The Bad and The Tasty by Paul
With long lines, but great food, Haute Wheels Houston was a frustrating success last weekend. Paul was there to try to take it all in. We hope there’s a next time (a more organized next time) for this food truck festival.

Chick and Chica: An Excess of Tex-Mex Fashion by Kerri
Coffee shops and Boutiques are the two categories that we really need to have more coverage. Luckily, one of our newer writers was dining at Tacos a Go-Go and stopped in on Chick and Chica to give their clothes and accessories a spin.

The First Sip: Happy American Craft Beer Week by Jeff
You didn’t know it at first, but this is going to be “part one” of a two-part series. Here are some of the updates from around town and in the Texas capitol. The craft beer bills that hit the legislature are all but dead, however you have plenty of craft beer choices being distributed in cans these days. Lose/win?

Street Art of the Week
Photo by Shoot.Edit.Sleep.. Art by Weah. The love of Houston street art doesn’t begin and end with a documentary.

H-Town Showdown: #3 Antidote vs. #6 The Harp
Our staff is having a hard time choosing the winner of this match-up. Actually, you could make the case that it is impossible to pick a champion out of any of these Showdowns. The Antidote is one of our “go-to” spots for our meetings, but The Harp has been and always will be a necessary part of our weekend fun.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 64)
Last week’s visual riddle started off promising (if you like a challenge). Eventually it was solved, as they all are, by an insightful reader. Brooke, my hat would be off to you this morning if I were in fact wearing a hat.

The End is Near! An Apocalyptic Agenda by Tea Jones
We’re all still here, correct? Well, at least we didn’t waste our last day on earth. We might have drained some of our resources though… And there’s always going to be that rioting/looting conviction that we’ll have to deal with…

El Patio or El Xuco Xicano: Call It What You Will by Marc
A new/old place has popped up in Midtown, Houston. Marc swung by the old El Patio with a new El Xuco menu last week to try it out. He left impressed and with a full belly. Stephan took the photos for the article and said the margarita wasn’t good. We’re going to kick him off the team due to his blasphemy.

Photo of the Week: You Say “Property Room.” I Say “Loft.”
Our first photo published by MOLLYBLOCK, this old building off of Washington was her muse. Apparently it used to be the “property room” of the Houston Police Department. Interesting.

Prelude to a Show: Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs at Fitzgerald’s by Jordan
We’ll have a little more on this concert this afternoon, but you won’t find any writing like what Jordan contributed on Friday. We missed the opener. I know. We’re ashamed.

Dater Unknown: R U 4 Me?
Texting while dating is a dangerous thing, especially when you don’t really know the person (or, in this case, how to use a phone too good). Our other dating columnist took a stab at this same topic back in October. Apparently, Dater Unknown forgot to read the six-point guide on what to avoid.

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