May 31st, 2011

What’d We Miss: 5.29.11 Weekly Reader

We hope that everyone had a pleasant three-day weekend. If you had to work during it, we hope that you make it up to yourself sometime soon. Ours was filled with cook-outs, barbeques and cook-offs. Wouldn’t change it for the world, honestly. After three full days of extremely tiring “rest and relaxation” we’re almost glad to be back at work. Now if we could just unplug our phones and get away with it…

[Photo by Paul from The Big Mamou]

Staff Notes and Photos: Catching Up with Concert Shots by Alexander
If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been amping up our concert coverage lately. In fact, for every concert that you see on our pages, there are probably two or three that we don’t mention. Well, we finally got a hold of some of Alexander’s concert photography and made an article of it. Enjoy.

Loopster Live: Wanda Jackson at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
We tried to avoid saying things like “legend on stage” and “history right before your eyes” when it came to the Wanda Jackson show at Fitzgerald’s because those kinds of trite things don’t do the woman justice. Wanda rocked the downstairs of the Heights concert venue while the youngsters flocked to see Portugal the Man. If they were paying attention, Jackson and her crew could have taught the bands playing upstairs a thing or two about how to put on a live show.

Loopster Live: The Avett Brothers at Verizon Wireless Theater by Alexander
After having to reschedule their previous show, The Avett Brothers played their roots rock to a rabid audience at Verizon Wireless. Their music is hard to define because it draws from such a wide base of influences, but that’s what makes The Avett Brothers so fun to experience.

The Big Mamou: A Casual Cajun Delight by Richard
Sitting on Studewood drenched in yellow, The Big Mamou has been serving up some fine Cajun cuisine for all who heed their call. Finally, Richard got around to trying out a muffaletta while his partner in crime took on the hot roast beef sandwich. Sandwiches outside under the shade of an umbrella is always the way to go on a Saturday afternoon.

Loopster Live: Here We Go Magic at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
The last time Here We Go Magic played in Houston, they were traveling with White Rabbits. On this tour, they had top billing with another Brooklyn band, Caveman, playing as the opener. When the band and the “journalist” get caught up in the music, you know it was a good thing.

Street Art of the Week: Starting Anew
One of our favorite walls is getting a fresh coat of paint. Check it out.

H-Town Showdown: #1 Saint Arnold Pub Crawl vs. #8 Menil Collection
Some people think that this match-up is quite unfair. Those people don’t remember that they are the reason that the “EXPERIENCE” portion of our bracket got seeded the way it did. That being said, the little #8 seed isn’t doing too shabby. Make sure to vote.

Belt-Busting Bender: Healthy To-Go Food by Sarah
Sarah went on a bender of the healthy variety. A bit of a contradiction, this article turned out to be. How exactly can you have a “belt-busting bender” when all you’re doing is hitting up some of Houston’s options for healthy, prepared meals? Sarah found out for us.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 65)

Dear Houston: It Ain’t Easy Being Nikki by Tea Jones
Being Nikki is the title of the reality-show-to-be that will focus on Nikki Araguz. Tea consulted Houston to find out its thoughts on the TV project. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into any more than it means to be (and to be fair it means to be a lot).

Album Review: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – Dirty Radio by Jordan Overturf
Mark your calendars for July 22nd. That’s when Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside will swing through Houston to play at Fitzgerald’s. In the meantime, grab their album Dirty Radio to get a preview of what to expect at that show.

Photo of the Week: The One and Only
Let’s just forget that when Paul published it he thought that “capital” was used incorrectly. Yeah, I realize I just brought it to your attention again. Sorry about that. The photo is by photine. Enjoy.

Save the Date: Know Your Men by X
The males that read The Loop Scoop tend to get as much out of our woman-written dating columns as the females. Seriously, there is some good advice in them. Like in this one by X. Check out who not to be (if you’re a dude) and who to avoid (if you’re a dudette). Solid advice laced with vitriol.

Loopster Live: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. with Generationals and Young Girls at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
With Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on the docket for Austin City Limits, Paul gathered up his band of friends to check them out when they played at Fitzgerald’s on Thursday night. Some of his friends left as new, die-hard Generationals fans. A classic case for falling for the opener. We’ve all been there before.

— The Loop Scoop


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