June 13th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 6.12.11 Weekly Reader

Loopsters and Loopsterettes, it was a long week. It seemed like there were more photos coming at you from every turn. “Oh, look at these shots from Free Press Summer Fest… and these… and THESE!” was pretty much how it went. Well, we reflect that in our weekly review. Have a look.

[Photo by Alexander from Free Press Summer Fest 2011: A Saturday Photo Essay]

Staff Notes and Photos: Eisley Astronauts Houston by Paul
Paul’s girlfriend dragged him out to see Eisley for a Friday night show. He came away impressed with the band, but even more impressed that they enjoyed The Loop Scoop merchandise gifted to them by his date. Let’s see if the shirt shows up elsewhere on the road.

Free Press Summer Fest 2011: A Weekend Rewind by Paul
Only once did we really delve into what Summer Fest meant and how it was handled. We’re still holding out for year five in order to pass final judgement on the festival. For now we see growth, and we like (most) growth.

Revival Market: Baked Goods, Produce, Butchers and Ethics by Richard and Stephan
We’ve been able to sneak a couple of photos and mentions about Revival Market onto our pages before, but never have we given the new Heights market its full due. With a combination of words and photos by Richard, Stephan and Paul, we think this article will get your foot into Revival’s door soon.

Free Press Summer Fest 2011: A Saturday Photo Essay by Alexander and Paul
You don’t want to just read words about Free Press Summer Fest, you want photos of the bands (and a lot of them). Alexander and Paul tag-teamed Saturday’s coverage. No stone unturned. No band unheard.

Street Art of the Week: Urban Panda
A Polaroid shot by RubenS, he found this Panda hiding on the streets of Houston. Have you seen it? Ruben has obviously has, plus his handle is I-SEEN-IT.

Free Press Summer Fest 2011: A Sunday Photo Essay by Paul
We stayed true to form with a group of Sunday photos. We sacrificed some great shots just so we could get in all the bands Paul photographed. Make sure to click around the flickr photo set to check out all the content.

H-Town Showdown: #1 Hubcap Grill vs. #8 RDG + Bar Annie
This is turning out to be a lopsided match-up. None of the old schoolers have come out to support their patriot of southwest cuisine. The time will come. There are three weeks to vote. Mount a digital comeback, RDG.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 67)
What we thought would be a toughie, was an easyie. SOLVED!

Free Press Summer Fest 2011: A Weezer Photo Essay by Alexander and Paul
Our final article on the summer music festival asked a lot of question and didn’t get many answers. After Weezer rocked the bayou, who do you want/expect for next year? Who would be the perfect headliner?

Album Review: The Bright Light Social Hour – The Bright Light Social Hour by Paul
As a prelude to the show on Friday, Paul reviewed the funktastically fresh 2010 album of The Bright Light Social Hour. The band doesn’t quite capture all of its live-show lightning in a bottle, but it gets damn close. Were you out at Warehouse Live on Friday night?

Photo(s) of the Week: Beautiful Envy
From Capturedaesthetic, we were able to bring you two photos of some beautiful FPSF 2011 moments. Balloons in the air and cell phone photos taken with care.

Save the Date: The Dude is a Kid by X
If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know that X isn’t the most cheery of our writers. There’s a lot of doom-n-gloom on Fridays. But this week, she found a little sunshine to glide upon. There’s a new man in her life and he’s but a child in her eyes. The younger men can be more mature than us old saps. Who knew?

— The Loop Scoop


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