June 20th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 6.19.11 Weekly Reader

That’s right. There’s another week in the books. Seems empty doesn’t it. Maybe that’s because our music coverage was toned back a little bit. I know you’re all disjointed over the change in content. We definitely had some great restaurants find their way onto our pages, however.

[Photo by Paul from Panic! at the Disco w/ fun. and Funeral Party at House of Blues]

Houston Beer Fest: A Hermann Square Hangover by Tea Jones
There were some mixed reviews out there about Houston Beer Fest. That’s not true. Most of the reviews were pretty negative about the event. Tea’s experience followed that trend, but he offers up some advice to the organizers about what to do next year.

Loopster Live: Motley Crue with Poison and New York Dolls by Alexander
If you were looking for a spectacle last weekend, we sincerely hope that you found your way to Toyota Center. Alexander was there to catch the action. Well, all the action you can catch when allotted only the first three songs to photograph. There was hair. There was glam. There was rock n’ roll.

Max’s Wine Dive: A Neighborhood Affair by Marc
One of the great things about having this brand new website is being able to go back to some of the established places in Houston and report on them as if they are new. Max’s Wine Dive is exactly that kind of place. With locations now in some of Texas’ other big cities, we get to brag that we have the original and that it’s as good as ever.

Blondes vs. Brunettes: Philanthropic Football by Paul
Some charity events are more entertaining than others. Blondes vs. Brunettes happens to be the most entertainingest that we’ve had a chance to experience. Choose your favorite hair color. Find a time to get behind. Enjoy the surprisingly competitive event next year.

Street Art of the Week: Truth Behind Advertising
Photo by DenTronic. Art by Zen. We love the fact that this got pasted all over the advertisements for Free Press Summer Fest.

H-Town Showdown: #3 Dolce Vita vs. #6 Himalaya
There are only a couple first round match-ups remaining in our Showdown. This one is a true battle of niches. Pizzeria? Indian? How can you choose between either? I know it’s tough.

Himalaya Restaurant: Don’t Go Naanless Anymore by Kerri
Why would we have a Showdown about a place that we haven’t truly covered? That’s silly (yet it happens a lot). Thankfully Kerri got herself into the doors of Himalaya for a true experience of the food. After vetoing Indian food time and time again, she realized what she’s been missing for so long.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 68)
Phong is our secret best friend, apparently. He’s got another correct answer under his belt. SOLVED!

Houston Helps: Neighborhood Centers Inc.
We’ve been slacking when it comes to profiling some of Houston’s great non-profits. With our informative post about Neighborhood Centers, we feel like we’ve hit the ground running once again. Check it out and then find a way to volunteer. It will be fulfilling, trust us.

Photo of the Week: Harold’s – Going, Going…
How will you remember one of the Heights’ great stores? This photo by MOLLYBLOCK should help.

The First Sip: Local Brewery Updates by Jeff
Were you aware of all the goings on in the local brewery scene? Our beer correspondent tracked down some of the changes and soon-to-be new breweries that will be popping up soon. Are we flooding the market? Hopefully. Lots of suds, please.

Loopster Live: Panic! at the Disco with fun. and Funeral Party by Paul
A vacation got in the way of publishing this article, then again, the music is a vacation. The sets put on by Funeral Party, fun. and Panic! at the Disco at the House of Blues tickled that “guilty pleasure” that Paul has held dear. Enjoy the photos and stories from the show.

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