June 6th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 6.5.11 Weekly Reader

Wow. What a week… We want to thank everyone for reading last week (even those of you that are using this article to play catch-up). We reached some near-record numbers because of your wonderful patronage. Even with a short week the Loopsters rose up to the task. If you missed anything, you’ll find it here.

[Photo by Stephan from Down House]

Down House: A Preview of a Place on Yale by Richard and Stephan
This is some of the best food photography we’ve ever been able to grace our site with. Maybe that’s because it was some outstanding food in its own right. The new coffee shop/bar/restaurant in the Heights on Yale Street gets it’s first trial from our crew and they walked away knowing that there will be second, third and fourth trips soon.

Loopster Live: White Lies at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
Fans of the dark and stormy Londoners crowded the Heights venue two Wednesdays ago. Paul was there to catch the action and epic-sounding music. With a three-song encore and a set that focused on favorites of their first album, White Lies left no heart unfulfilled.

Street Art of the Week: Inside Out
Shreddi’s Yeti is all bones in our pick for Street Art of the Week. The photo taken by O Texano in the heart of Montrose focuses on the inner-workings of a street artist’s muse.

Free Press Summer Fest: A Guide to Saturday by Jordan Overturf
Jordan has stepped up to the plate recently to offer some sound live music advice. Did you follow his guide to Saturday’s bands or did you discover your own?

H-Town Showdown: #3 Houston Transit vs. #6 Houston Sports
What does Houston have to show for itself when it comes to the outsiders? Generally the highway systems that make foreigners fret or the sports teams that make us sigh. How do you got when it comes to this match-up? Voting ends in three weeks.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 66)
This one is kinda-sorta solved. We don’t have a specific answer, but if you look at the last comment there’s a clue you can’t ignore as to where Pauldo was hiding last week.

Facing Facts: Inspections by a Social Addict by Omar Haneef
Facebook has been going strong for quite a while. It’s no surprise that many of us have become addicted to the online experience that the social network offers. But what does it all mean? How do you carry yourself? What are you bragging or crying about in your status updates? What kind of “sharer” are you?

Free Press Summer Fest: A Guide to Sunday by Paul
You’ve been reading Paul’s musings about music far too often lately. Were you able to take his advice or have you heard enough from this over-sharer?

Photo of the Week: Downtown Lofts
Photine was our contributor for this photo. The Rice Lofts rise up in the background.

Dater Unknown: Tee Times and Tofu Pie by Dater Unknown
When this article was submitted, our author thought the title sounded like a movie that Jessica Tandy would star in. Our editorial staff thought that it was perfect. Dater Unknown goes out of her way to be a bit of a cheerleader for all you people searching for what you want out of life and it’s all because of a set of golf clubs her ex just couldn’t quit.

— Paul


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