July 18th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 7.17.11 Weekly Reader

Welcome back to another glorious Monday. After watching the USA ladies fall to Japan in penalty kicks, we can understand if you’re feeling a little down this morning. Well, time to perk up. Instead of living in the past it’s time to move into the future… Except you should read about the past first. Here’s everything we published last week:

[Photo by Paul from Yelapa Playa Mexicana]

Greatfull Taco: Fill Up Your Spaceship by Tea Jones
Throw a stone and hit a spot for tacos. This one, however, is quite unique. From Mystery Meat to the overwhelming hippie vibe, Greatfull Taco has been winning over fans. The food is good, which helps the cause even more. Stop by and check it out, but have a read of Tea Jones’ experience first.

Staff Notes and Photos: Brooklyn Summer Ale by Paul
Paul got called a traitor for turning his back on Saint Arnold Summer Pils this season. While we consider that claim justifiable, he still can’t quit the Brooklyn brew. We suggest you try it out as well. Find it at your local watering hole if you’re lucky.

Belt-Busting Bender: Midtown Vietnamese Sandwiches by Kerri
How can you get your Vietnamese sandwich fix? Let me count the ways… How about five different places in five days? That’s what the Belt-Busting Benders are all about. Kerri took her talents to midtown, sniffing out every sandwich she could find. Check out her exploits.

Street Art of the Week: Take a Little Trip
Street artist 666 makes his second appearance on our site with this low rider rendering. Photo by Westernnnnnn. That’s six Ns everyone. Coincidence?

H-Town Showdown: #2 El Tiempo Cantina vs. #7 Tiny Boxwoods
One commenter has proclaimed that both of these restaurants are terribly overrated. Well, you readers are the people responsible for rating them and their ultimate seeding. Voting ends on Wednesday so make sure you get your vote to count today.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 72)
Erica set the pace last week, but nobody has yet to figure out Episode 70. Chalk one up for Pauldo.

Yelapa Playa Mexicana: Mix-Up Your Usual Tex-Mex by Paul
Mexican is always on the menu for Paul, but being a creature of habit he’s never taken the opportunity to change up his usual order at his usual places. Enter Yelapa. Deliciousness ensues. We’re quite aware that the buzzing days when LJ was behind the counter are over, but this is a place that should still be on your radar.

Photo of the Week: Even the Wicked Have Those They Love
This photo by IME Photography got us thinking: Even though something looks evil doesn’t mean that it has a black of coal heart… right? It’s all about family this time around.

The First Sip: Summertime and the Sippin’s Easy by Jeff
With Paul going on and on about the Brooklyn Summer Ale, Jeff took it upon himself to give you some more summer beer options. This is a heft list. It should keep you busy until fall comes around.

— Paul


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