August 16th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 8.14.11 Weekly Reader

I’ll tell you one thing we missed: This article. We got ahead of ourselves on Monday and forgot about this bad boy’s morning slot in our rotation. Oh well, it happens. Right? Let’s just pretend like this never happened and take a look at last week a day late.

[Photo of Dex Romweber by Paul taken at Fitzgerald's]

Loopster Live: Dex Romweber Duo and The Flamin’ Hellcats at Fitzgerald’s by Paul
Sometimes life is all about taking chances. Not knowing the band before you walk into the venue can really pay off or it could lead to some bad consequences. Paul’s experience is of the former variety. Check out his photos from the concert.

NEWScoop (A New, Exciting Category)
Richard has been doing the brunt of the work on our new column. He compiles some of the stranger stories from around town and puts a special spin on them, just for you. Seriously, each of you proves to be his muse in some way.

Staff Notes and Photos: Tuesday Museday by Alexander
Hopefully Alex’s photo gave you a Fresh Feeling.

Street Art of the Week: Little Lion Man
We can’t deny the popularity of Coolidge. He seems to have cornered the market on casual street art fans everywhere. Ruben S. was the man behind the camera for this photograph. A very pretty composition.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Beautiful Creatures and Midnight Madness by Zach
It’s a monthly institution. At the stroke of midnight, the Beautiful Creatures come out to play, to act before the big screen at River Oaks Theatre putting on a production in front of the production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s your duty as a Houstonian to check it out one of these days.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 76)
Our own historian, Clint came by to solve this riddle. We weren’t sure if voiding out his victory was the right way to go, but we let his comment stand. He wins the chance to write more articles for The Loop Scoop. I know… We’re too kind.

SLANT Film Festival: An Interview with Soham Mehta by Paul
It took us a while to set up this interview with Soham Mehta, but it won’t take you long to read. Chances are your views of Houston and its arts scene will match up nicely with Soham’s. Hopefully you took the time to drop in on the SLANT Film Festival. If not, get yourself ready for next year.

Photo of the Week: Intricate Elegance
We once again had the honor of publishing one of Cybertoad’s photos for our weekly column. This one is particularly pleasing to the eye.

— Paul


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