August 22nd, 2011

What’d We Miss: 8.21.11 Weekly Reader

Last week we managed to forget all about the What’d We Miss column. How can that be? It’s so titillating and important! Well, we’re back on the ball this morning. Enjoy the look back at the good times we had.

[Photo by Richard of his current Postcard from Houston work in progress.]

Staff Notes and Photos: Sunrise Terminal by Stephan
Before our resident flyboy took to the skies he took this photo of the Continental/United terminal in the wee hours. We think it’s pretty. Oh, so pretty.

The Signs of Bondage: A Photo Essay by Stephan
“You know what would make a good photo essay? Some of the signs of the bail bondsmen around downtown Houston.” That’s exactly what Stephan took on last week and we liked the results of his trek. Check out the photos if you missed them.

Postcards from Houston: Use Your Own Two Hands by Richard
As our graphic designer take the final steps in producing his postcard for class, he reminds you that this might be something you’re interested in. There are a few classes still to come. Sign up now. You can take Richard’s word for it.

Street Art of the Week: Beware of Azrael
The Smurfs have found their way into the Houston lexicon. They’ve been popping up all over town. Have you seen them. Boozy Smurf, beware.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 77)
Yet another reader-submitted photo — our third. Yet another photo submitted by @paulbtucker — his second. Does Dan have the right answer — his first?

H-Town Showdown: #1 Pearland Coffee Roasters vs. #6 The Harp
The second round of the H-Town Showdown kicks off with the juggernaut Pearland Coffee Roasters taking on the underdog, our “bracket-buster,” The Harp. Who will you vote for?

Photo of the Week: Your Tired, Your Poor
It’s been a while since rain clouds graced our city. The moment captured in this photo by Jennifer Chase might be the last time. Check out her dried out and cracked photo of our now dried out and cracked Houston.

Save the Date: Number One Stunner by X
X is having a helluva time. What seemed like a sure thing dissolved into oblivion. Of course “Mystery Man” was there to scoop her up. We’ll have to see what happens. All we’re sure of is that the results will be hilarious in her words.

What crazy news did you miss last week? From vampires to cars wrecked in Lake Houston or wet cement… There was a lot of water cooler fodder out there. Check it out. Impress your friends…

The Look Ahead
…And stay tuned for The Look Ahead this week. You need to know what’s happening around town. You don’t want to be like Paul. He spent the weekend bored and unfulfilled because he didn’t pay attention to his own column. Silly editor.

— The Loop Scoop


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