August 29th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 8.28.11 Weekly Reader

And away we go… time to start up the new week with a look at the old one. Now where can I find my nap?

[Photo by Richard from Free Parking: Spotts Park ]

Free Parking: Spotts Park by Richard
Continuing our look at some of Houston’s parks, Richard decided for a long walk in Spotts Park. With sand volleyball, basketball courts and an expanse of green, it’s an oasis at Waugh and Memorial.

Staff Notes and Photos: Presented without Comment
The illustration is by Tea Jones. The rendering is by Richard. The comic strip may never see the light of day, but at least we’ve got the characters ready for action.

Lawndale Art Center: “A Time to Celebrate” by Mark Ponder by Jesse Kantu
If we’re anything at all, we’re a blank canvas for Houston’s culture. That came in handy when a reader stumbled upon Mark Ponder’s exhibit at Lawndale Art Center. These things must be shared with everyone.

Street Art of the Week: Glowing Skin
The artwork is by Eyesore. The photo is by O Texano. The ambiance is made possible by the glowing red light. We can’t find a single thing we don’t like about this photo.

Waiting in the Wings: The 2011-2012 Houston Performing Arts Season by Kerri
The big boys, the little guns, the start-ups… They all have a place in Kerri’s list. As the theatre scene starts rolling this fall, Kerri has done most of the legwork for you. Here are her preemptive favorites that will be produced around town in the coming months. Mark you calendar.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 78)
Well, that didn’t take long…

Photo of the Week: Middle of the Road
Thanks to lc-db, we’re able to bring you this fantastic photo. Just another reason for the rest of us to check out the Heights’ bike trail. Some nice scenery along the way, apparently.

H-Town Showdown: #7 Tiny Boxwoods vs. #4 Zelko Bistro
It’s looking like a runaway victory for Zelko Bistro. Hurry up and make your vote. Try to even things up. Tiny Boxwoods needs some lovin’.

Save the Date: Path of Least Resistance by X
X consults with a guy friend about the male mind. We’re not sure what she was looking for, but who knows what she might have found out. We men need to keep our mysteries safe.

Weekly NEWScoop
If you’re in need of a chuckle this Monday morning. Make sure to check out Richard’s brainchild, the NEWScoop. Plenty of entertaining links and reworked headlines.

— Paul


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