September 19th, 2011

What’d We Miss: 9.19.11 Weekly Reader

And a good morning to you! Last week was a busy one. Same amount of time—oddly, more things accomplished. Hopefully a similar story unfolded on your end as well. Let’s say it did. You probably didn’t catch everything that went on. Here’s a recap. Catch up. Then, let’s say we get on this week like poppy seeds on lemon flavored cake.

[Paul's Photo from Loopster Live: Sideshow Tramps’ The Revelator CD Release at Fitzgerald’s]

Loopster Live: Sideshow Tramps’ The Revelator CD Release at Fitzgerald’s
Finally, Richard had the follow through to see Sideshow Tramps live. Paul and Alexander were also there to witness what proved to be a rockin’ good time. The consensus—easily one of the best performances we’d had the privilege of attending.

The NEWScoops. WTF.
Some notable headlines from around Houston last week, include: “Houstongate.” “Drought Motivates City to Further Alienate Future Cancer Patients.” “5.0 Earthquake in Tajikistan Causes Train Derailment in Hitchcock.” “How much for a C minus?” and last by not least, “Skilled Horticulturists’ Dead Flower.”

H-Town Showdown: #4 Rudyard’s British Pub vs. #2 Anvil Bar & Refuge
Take in the action as a weathered pub in Montrose tests modern cocktail aficionados—it’s Rudyard’s British Pub going mug to tumbler with Anvil Bar & Refuge. Feldman didn’t like the matchup. Maybe others agree. It’s Anvil up with 67% right now. Time to make the tough choices.

Street Art of the Week: Bolt ‘Er Up
2:12 makes his way back onto Street Art of the Week—it had been since March. Too damn long.

Micropeel: Experiencing Glow and Go
Stacy’s wanted to rejuvenate her skin but had nightmares of pulling a Samantha. Luckily, she had Jessica at the Dermatology offices of William Doubleday. Hallo Micropeel Glow and Go. Auf wiedersehen, red face fear.

Where’s Pauldo (ep. 81)
Sweet things. Only Pauldo can officially confirm a correct or incorrect answer. As of right now, he’s recovering from ACL. Not a knee injury. No flowers please. On the bright side, we have a winner for EP. 80. Zoey snagged the honors by submitting Bob McNair’s Funeral Plot. Correct.

The Triumph of Love: A Classical Theatre Company Production
Kerri experiences another of Classical Theatre Company’s gender-bending comedic romances. What she learned: Farces and farce-comedy-romance hybrids will always be funny. Some of the most talented actors in Houston are at The Classical Theatre Company. Risks are most certainly worth taking.

H-Town Showdown: #1 Hubcap Grill vs. #6 Himalaya
One shall pass. There can be only one. You get the idea. Here we’ve got a burger heavy-weight tussling with a damn delicious Indian joint—it’s The Hubcap Grill takin’ on Himalaya Restaurant. Hubcap currently leads with 64% of the votes. What say you?

Photo of the Week: Doing What He Does
Marco From Houston gives us Bun B at the Red Bull EmSee Rap Battle just two weeks ago at Warehouse Live.

Gremillion & Co.: Gary Komarin’s The Vicar’s Wife (In Green and Grey)
It’s another reader submitted experience from Jesse Kantu. In this contribution he explores the art of Gary Komarin. With its rich textures and startling colors, it’s easy to see why Jesse was so anxiously anticipating the exhibit.

Save the Date: Life Control
Men think some women are crazy. That’s because some of them are. Some men are douches. This is life. Where is X going with these sentiments? Find out.

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