July 14th, 2010

Wild Moccasins – “Psychic China” Music Video

Just under two months ago, Wild Moccasins released the album Skin Collisions Past. Since then, they’ve been busy little Moccasins going on tour, rocking out at Summer Fest and releasing a video for “Psychic China.” I came across it only twenty-four days after it was released on indiehouston.org. Today, I bring it to you (just in case you don’t follow our twitter account).

Who doesn’t love a good forty-ounce-fueled pillow fight? You sure won’t find anyone here that opposes that kind of good, clean fun. The video is directed by Chad Hartigan in a place that is definitely not Houston. I always thought that pillow fights featured more girls in less clothing as well, Chad? That’s at least how National Lampoon always billed it to me.

There is also another thing that caught our eye: a fun, potential Easter egg in this video that made The Loop Scoop staff get a little excited beyond the fact that it’s a fantastic video for a fantastic song. Did you catch the 1:26 mark of the video? We didn’t either, but a reader did and we had to check for ourselves. That looks like the logo for this humble site doesn’t it? A logo that is feature on the back of our “Keep Houston Corporate” t-shirts that will soon be for sale.

ArticleImage-Wild Moccasins-2

Lo and behold, it is not the case. After a bit more detective work and checking out a different copy of the video on YouTube, we can see that this ponytail-clad lass is not wearing any apparel created by The Loop Scoop.

ArticleImage-Wild Moccasins-3

That doesn’t take away from the video, or more importantly, the song at all. Skin Collisions Past deserves a spot in your music library.  With Wild Moccasins on a national tour, you can check out the album now and prepare for their glorious return home to Houston.

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— Paul


The Moccasin Shop — Thursday, July 22, 2010 2:24 pm

Lol, this is awesome! Cool that someone found this logo in the video – I never would have seen it! I really like the wild moccasins and I hope that they keep putting out more and more because they have a lot of talent!

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